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BTCMANAGER works with a dedicated team of editors and writers who are enthusiastic about digital currencies and innovations in blockchain and fintech.

See below for our most recent job openings.

  • Russian & Chinese translators
  • Technology reporter: Do you understand the implications of BIP 65? Lightning networks? The Block Size Debate? If you are able to write about the technology of bitcoin and the blockchain, we need you!

We always welcome new writers to our team, especially if you:

  • are able to understand and write about the technology of bitcoin and the blockchain
  • are a financial expert or market analyst;
  • have digital currency or blockchain experience; are able to provide price analysis
  • understand the mechanisms of cryptocurrency mining;
  • have strong writing skills, attention to detail, dedication to accuracy, and a flair for telling a story;
  • are able to chase a lead, research a topic, gather primary resources, and conduct interviews.

Want to join us? Drop us a line with a cover letter and links to some of your past writing.