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# Bitcoin News

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September 18,2019 by at Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency remains a curious subject for a majority of Britons as shown in a recent survey report released by ING — a Dutch-based banking group. Elsewhere in Europe, the survey reveals a significant crypto apathy as most respondents chose cash over digital currencies. Places like Turkey, however, show a massive...
September 18, 2019 by at Bitcoin
The Bitcoin ETF saga has taken another dramatic turn as the VanEck SolidX ETF proposal was withdrawn by CBoE. The SEC informed the public in a filing, September 17, 2019, just a month before they were to come to a decision about the ETF. If the SEC finds the ETF...
September 18,2019 by at Bitcoin
An article published by the Bangkok Post speculates some hypotheses that may have led to the closure of the well-known exchange Bitcoin Co earlier this month. Contention As reported by BTCManager on September 2, the Thai exchange Bitcoin Co ( unexpectedly closed its doors leaving its users in a mix...

# Ethereum News

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September 17,2019 by at Ethereum
The largest blockchain payment processor, BitPay, has finally enabled support for ETH on their platform. Wallet users will be able to store and transact with ETH without the need for third-party integrations. BitPay's prepaid debit card will also allow for users to transact using ETH, as per the press release,...
September 17, 2019 by at Ethereum
Ethereum focused company, ConsenSys, announced the launch of CodeFi in a bid to strengthen the development tools for commercially viable decentralized finance and business platforms. According to the website, the goal of this platform is to create the operating system to create digital infrastructure in a trustless manner, September 16,...
September 6,2019 by at Ethereum
For cryptocurrency to become sound money, it needs to integrate a degree of privacy on a transactional level, just as paper currency does. Bitcoin and Ethereum, both, lack strong privacy measures, but this is being addressed. As shown by Chain Link's research paper, mixing services powered by decentralized oracles can...

# Blockchain News

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September 18,2019 by at Blockchain
According to a press release published by Accesswire on September 18, a new project called Angelium is trying to connect the real-world with a virtual world through an online game platform based on blockchain. Merge Between Virtual and Real The concept of  "Cross Reality", or the connection of the real...
September 18, 2019 by at Blockchain
SpaceChain has been accepted into the ESAs kick start program, where the agency gives funding and development support to entrepreneurs looking to explore thematic segments of commercial space exploration. As per a press release, September 18, 2019, SpaceChain aims to use satellite blockchain tech with multi-signature transactions to bring more...
September 18,2019 by at Blockchain
IOTA, a permissionless trust protocol designed to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem by facilitating a frictionless exchange of value between machines and humans, has announced the launch of Chronicle, a permanode solution the team hopes will give node operators an unlimited amount of storage space in their Tangle...

# Altcoins News

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September 18,2019 by at Altcoins
In a bid to make it impossible for private firms to create their own cryptocurrencies, the German government has implemented a comprehensive blockchain strategy to thwart the efforts of tech giants like Facebook and others. The approach is aimed at upholding the nation's sovereignty and protect consumers from the risks...
September 18, 2019 by at Altcoins
EOS first mustered attention in the crypto space when they claimed they could process nearly 4,000 transactions per second, which would eventually scale up millions. Moreover, it was the third network set up by Dan Larimer, who has developed a reputation for launching initial coin offerings (ICOs) and moving on...
September 18,2019 by at Altcoins
Former students and a researcher from Stanford University have developed a smartphone native cryptocurrency that aims to boost adoption with an enhanced user-friendly interface. This according to an article from The Stanford Daily, September 16, 2019. A Network-Effect Cryptocurrency Nicolas Kokkalis Ph.D., Chengdiao Fan Ph.D., Vince McPhilip M.B.A. ’18, and visiting...

# ICO/IEO News

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August 8,2019 by at Altcoins, ICO/IEO
Binance Research has published a detailed report on the newest addition to their Launchpad. Perlin is a decentralized protocol that utilizes the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol to offer high throughput and zero-confirmation transactions. The network is targeting international trade and has been endorsed by the likes of the...
July 11, 2019 by at ICO/IEO
The United States SEC has given Blockstack clearance to raise capital under Regulation A+, an alternative method to IPO's for growing businesses to facilitate a capital raise. The offering will be for $28 million and goes public on July 11, as reported by Wall Street Journal, on July 10, 2019....
June 12,2019 by at ICO/IEO
The French government is looking to introduce clear-cut regulations for ICOs in the country. As reported by Crowdfund Insider on June 10, 2019, regulators in the country want to issue rules governing the issuance of utility ICO tokens, which would serve as a new “ICO regime.” France Moving ahead of the...


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