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11-Year-Old Crypto Prodigy Has Written a Book on Bitcoin

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on March 1, 2018 Bitcoin, Commentary, News

In a remarkable feat, an 11-year-old schoolboy has self-published a user guide to Bitcoin. Andrew Courey of Massachusetts might have a technology investor for a father, but his detailed yet easy to use guide is proof that digital currencies need not be intimidating in understanding or application.

Courey put out the Amazon Kindle Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin,” in January 2018. There are now also paperbacks available at $9.99, while the e-book is selling for just $2.99.

A Crypto Wunderkind

Although there are other guides centered on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ applications, Courey’s book is remarkable for his being just 11 years of age and competently detailing the intricacies of virtual currency for the masses.

Mostly involved in typical schoolboy pursuits like classes, sports and fiddling with his iPhone, Courey authored his 57-page manuscript when not doing homework or tinkering with mobile apps. His story is made even more fascinating by a current wager he’s involved in with his parents, who have agreed to let him drop out of school if he reaches his goal of owning $20 million by the age of fourteen.

Looking at the phenomenon of the rise of bitcoin, the sixth grader realized he could start amassing his fortune if only he could dispel potential confusion and make Bitcoin understandable for everyone, even those not aware of cryptocurrencies’ impact. Encapsulating additional guides’ content and rendering it all as a simple e-book for non-specialists, Courey has become a modest rock star in the virtual currency community.

The 11-year old loves maths, mobile apps and business thinking. When experiencing a bad call at a recent basketball match, he approached his father with the idea of a “Glassdoor for referees,” an online site where referees and match officials can be evaluated and graded.

Referring to his e-book, his dad said, “Over the holiday period, he locked himself in his room and just cranked.” His father is a seasoned investor of 16 years and works at a Waltham, Massachusetts firm.

Although Courey became fascinated with Bitcoin’s potential, in the massive upswing and subsequent plummet of the coin during 2017, he felt it might be a poor investment due to its volatility. Sitting as he was with loads of research and a keen knowledge of the coin’s history, dad Jeff Courey suggested he capitalize on Bitcoin through a different take on things.

Watch This Space And This Kid

Comfortable and savvy in the business arena, Courey Jnr. was looking for sources of “passive income” according to father Jeff, beholden as he was to a schoolboy’s daily regime. Assisted by his parents, he utilized a holiday period to compose and publish his user guide to start experiencing exactly that.

Saying “Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies if they’re willing to spend 70 to 80 hours researching every source until they find a couple sources that make sense,” the young Courey deems his publication as “… very easy to read and simple to understand.”

Courey’s book covers just about everything there is to cover about digital currencies, including concepts like wallets, ICOs and mining, as well as a history of Bitcoin, and snippets about Ethereum, too. The title is a play on the record of the millionaires who emerged as Bitcoin reached previously unimaginable heights, as well as a nod to fellow school children, as they are all potential early birds to cryptocurrency based on their age.

Courey owns only 0.00222 Bitcoin (around $22.90 according to the current bitcoin price), which he purchased immediately before Christmas 2017. He also owns a bit of Ethereum’s ether, although he very clinically states that he feels Amazon shares are a better investment.

He is currently looking at developing an app centered on maths flashcards that he hopes to scale and bring to a value of around $2 million, following which aims to will sell it for $20 million.

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