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21 Launches Bitcoin Tutorials, Call to Contributors

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on October 13, 2015 Business, News, Tech
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Shortly following the release of its first product, The 21 Bitcoin Computer, has released a new section on their website completely dedicated to Bitcoin tutorials.

21 has also given contributors the opportunity to earn $50, $100, and $200 in Bitcoin for tutorials or translations of 500, 1000, and 2000 words in length respectively. Tutorials are to be written in English, with 21 paying for translations in several other languages including Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

“Bitcoin developers aren’t born, they’re made – self-made. The time is now to help foster the development of a new generation of Bitcoin developers – especially among all the new Internet users and non-English speakers outside the US and Western Europe.”

The tutorials aren’t meant for the average user, rather the “average developer” which 21 classifies as someone that knows “broadly how to code, but comes from a background in another area like graphics or web development rather than cryptography”.

The tutorials are designed be used with the 21 Bitcoin Computer, but it is not necessary. 21 states that using a 21 Bitcoin Computer will make the learning process more convenient, as the mining chip will provide a consistent trickle of satoshis to experiment with; furthermore, the 21 Bitcoin Computer has the blockchain as well as preconfigured software for Bitcoin-aware clients and servers straight out of the box.

“You’ll learn the basics behind Bitcoin, from digital signatures to how mining works to the format of every major Bitcoin data structure. Each interactive tutorial includes snippets of code, and more will be released each week. By the end, you should be equipped to navigate the more advanced Bitcoin Developer Documentation.”

21 currently has three tutorials listed, and a “Getting Started guide” focused on creating a personalized Bitcoin Development Environment if users choose not to purchase a 21 Bitcoin Computer. The first tutorial consists of introducing Bitcoin to the reader and teaching the basics of the internal workings of Bitcoin Core. Tutorial 2 studies Bitcoin mining in-depth, while Tutorial 3 discusses the blockchain and the data a developer can pull from it.

Contributors looking to submit tutorials need to fill out a form on the 21 website, with suggested topics listed on the same webpage. While not all submissions will be accepted, 21 promises to properly credit and compensate the creators of any tutorials they do accept.

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