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21 Software-based Projects With a Lot of Promise

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 22, 2016 News, Tech
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The 21 Bitcoin Computer is a very versatile device that can be used to host some innovative projects relying on Bitcoin payments. Ranging from selling files in exchange for Bitcoin to creating notary services, or even creating an online ad network, the possibilities are virtually endless. Moreover, the platform is available for download on regular computers as well.

While the most obvious use case for the 21 Bitcoin Computer may come in the form of mining cryptocurrency, the device can accomplish much more than that. Over the past few months, community members and developers have created a slew of projects that run on the 21 software platform.

Bitcoin-Based File Licensing

Fighting piracy is an uphill battle in this day and age. While the Internet allows content creators to connect with the world, not everyone looks forward to paying for things. Protocols such as BitTorrent started out as a great way to share files across the world, but became notorious due to piracy concerns.

Whether or not a Bitcoin-based file licensing system will solve these problems, remains to be seen. But thanks to the 21 software platform, anyone in the world can create a server to sell digital goods for Bitcoin. It is advisable to only sell products one effectively holds distribution licenses for, though, as this should not be used to sell pirated content. An in-depth tutorial can be found here.

Translation Services Paid For in Bitcoin

Some people may argue English is the native language of the Internet, and up to a certain extent, they would be correct. However, the Internet is also a place where different cultures come together, and here is a huge demand for localized translation services. One project running on the 21 software platform lets anyone create translation services which can be paid for with Bitcoin.

What this project does is let users set up their Google Translate API key, which is then used by the hosted server to translate user input. All it takes is a very simple script, which can be modified to suit any input and output languages the user wants. Automated translations are not always accurate, though, and adding another [paid] layer on top for a more “human” translation is one of the possibilities to offer a more versatile service.

Running A Bitcoin-incentivized Advertising Network

One of the more recent projects for the 21 software platform is called AdCentsE16. Although this project is still in the early stages of development, it shows a lot of promise. Website owners can register with the service to have advertisers bid on available ad spaces on the platform. All of the payments are made in Bitcoin, and bidding resets every day at midnight.

In return, advertisers can browse the listed websites through this script, and buy ad space they find relevant. Advertisers can check the price of each ad spot for individual sites, and purchase it directly from the command line. Keeping in mind how the traditional advertising model is in need of a revamp, this provides an interesting solution. Site owners will attract a lot of potential ad companies, whereas advertisers will not waste their entire budget on a deal that does not work out.

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