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2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference Aims to Steam up Bitcoin Adoption

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 13, 2016 Bitcoin, News
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The annual Crypto Cannabis Conference (CCC) is scheduled for the 21-22 October 2016. This year, the conference will be hosting the 2nd annual meeting where there will be several panels with well-known personalities from the cryptocurrency and medical marijuana industries.

The conference will be hosted in Denver. The Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016 is bound to present the best minds in the cannabis industry, with the intention of discussing the pros and the cons of the use of Bitcoin in the medical marijuana industry.

The 2nd annual CCC 2016 is being hosted by major sponsors such as Canna Investor Magazine, Chronic Lifestyle Magazine, and the Cannabis Community Project. Several other crypto related businesses will be joining in along with several other cannabis magazines and companies as well.

Robert Stephan is one of the CCC organizers. Robert thought to start the conference in order to give a chance for the two industries to meet and cooperate. For that, he has invited several Fintech industry speakers and many other personalities from the cryptocurrency industry.

One notable speaker will be Roger Ver, a notable investor in bitcoin startups, and he has expressed that the medical marijuana industry is a prime target for bitcoin adoption. The panelists will be discussing many important topics such as anti-money laundering measures, exploring compliance, and accounting methods. The conference will primarily focus on educating newcomers on the basics of digital currency. During the conference, the attendees will be able to participate in several events to get a feel for how Bitcoin to help them stay tuned with the most current developments and features of the digital currency industry.

One of the main themes to be debated at CCC is the involvement of cryptocurrency in the medical marijuana industry, which is growing at full steam in the country. This will serve to connect the cannabis and the cryptocurrency industries. Last year alone, almost half of the states in the US have adopted a more open regulation to the Marijuana sector. Since then, the industry has been growing and has already provided a lot of tax income to the states where it has been made legal.

However, even if many of the states in the country have decided to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the industry still lacks the banking support it needs for a healthy and steady development. So, one of the main objectives in this year’s CCC will be to address all these issues and to find a new alternative to fill the banking gap.

The new legislation applied to the sector has made it difficult for businesses in the cannabis industry to get the suited banking support. Many banks are trying to avoid the medical marijuana industry due to the possible law implications that the federal government could issue. Several solutions have been implemented to protect the legal marijuana business proceeds from federal confiscation.

The event will also present several VIP events along with Hangout Chats as well as many panel presentations. Several experts from many parts of both the Cannabis and Crypto industry are slated to give groundbreaking speeches and afterward will be taking questions from the attendees.

To know more about the CCC 2016 you can visit the Event official site.

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