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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading Made Easy with Arbitao’s ATAO Technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 1, 2018 Blockchain, ICO/IEO, News
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The volatile cryptocurrency market has attracted a lot of investors and traders in recent times with good reason – market rates fluctuate and differ across exchanges, giving rise to several profitable opportunities. In this regard, London-based Arbitao aims to help amatuer traders compete with experienced traders via their intuitive trading platform.

Arbitrage Trading in Crypto Markets

Arbitao allows traders to circumvent their dependence on the price fluctuation of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by providing the tools to successfully conduct the less-risky, more user-friendly arbitrage trades.

For the uninitiated, arbitrage trading occurs when users take advantage of price differences between exchanges, i.e, if buying BTC for $10,000 on one exchange and selling it for $11,000 on another exchange in the world (as cryptocurrency prices differ between countries).

Interesting, while most ICOs sell dreams of working products and a only a few execute it, the Arbitao team delivered a working product in November 2017 that already has many users – proving that their token is backed by a solid product.

Arbitao has been helping users find price differences in several cryptocurrency exchanges and execute a profitable arbitrage trades for community members.

Arbitao ATAO Technology

The arbitrage mechanism used by Arbitao is unique and developed wholly in-house. Called ATAO, it uses data provided by multiple exchanges in order to make profitable trades for the members of the platform.

The system overcomes the ‘closed loop’ trading practice – typically associated used by  professional, experienced traders.

Additionally, Arbitao’s technology utilizes four distinct trading pools to conduct cryptocurrency arbitrage trading – allowing investments as little as $100.

In terms of returns – Arbitao can generate 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent per day – meaning a $100 investment can turn into $220 in just 240 days.

Various Platforms to Help Investors

Three key platforms are offered by Arbitao to users –

  1. The TAOx trading platform, where Bitcoin can be traded for Arbitao’s native ATAO token.
  2. The ATAOwallet, where ATAO coins can be stored securely.
  3. The ARBITAO arbitrage platform itself.

In the future, Arbitao intends to offer a fully decentralized arbitrage platform to users – ensuring they can set up their own ATAO wallet with API credentials to access accounts on partner exchanges.

Interested participants can sign up on the Arbitao website.

Quick Arbitao ICO facts

  • Soft Cap: US$20 million
  • Hard Cap: US$48 million
  • Token Name: ATAO
  • Token Value: US $0.10 = 1 ATAO
  • Bounties Available: Yes
  • Pre Sale Begins: July 1st, 2018
  • ICO Begins: July 22nd, 2018
  • Total No. Coins Available: 800,000,000 ATAO
  • Percentage of Coins Available To Public: 85% (additional 2% reserved for bounties)


For more information, visit

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