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Baidu to Introduce Totem Rewards and Reveal Its Blockchain Layout to World

Baidu to Introduce Totem Rewards and Reveal Its Blockchain Layout to World

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 6, 2018 Adoption, Blockchain, Business, Development, News, Tech
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Baidu, the owner of blockchain-based image managing service Totem, will hold a launch conference for its Totem Rewards on July 18, 2018. At the conference, Baidu will also reveal its blockchain layout to the world, the company announced on its website.

Totem Rewards

At the conference, vice-president of Baidu’s search division Wu Hailong, Baidu’s search chief architect and director of the blockchain laboratory Tan Waiting, and Zhang Xinyong, director of Baidu search product operations, will formally set in motion the Baidu Totem Rewards and present Baidu’s blockchain layout.

So, what are Totem Rewards, exactly? Totem Rewards serve as an incentive and a tool to ensure equity in the system. At first, the rewards will be available only for a small number of options, including user uploads. This means that you will be able to obtain Totem points upon uploading photos or performing other actions. However, the company hasn’t revealed any specific consumption scenarios for the rewards so far. Nonetheless, the chance is that the rewards might apply to image transactions and Baidu resources exchange in the future.

Baidu’s blockchain road

At the beginning of 2018, Chinese search giant Baidu launched its blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) product, the “most easy to understand” blockchain service in the business, according to the company.

Upon this announcement, Baidu’s management said this technology had already been applied in asset securitization and exchange and argued it had contributed to the “first asset-backed securities exchange products using blockchain technology in China.”

The move was an apparent response to the actions of Baidu’s rival Tencent, which officially revealed its blockchain service a couple of months before.

On April 11, 2018, the company announced the launch of Baidu Totem, a blockchain-based application for managing intellectual property rights for stock images, as a bid to deal with the issue of the rampant copyright infringement in China.

The system is similar to U.S.-based ImageRights and Kodak’s blockchain-based system for tracking photos, called KODAKOne, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record the time of submission of the original photo from a user, along with the real-name identity of the uploader and all the information associated with the image.

Just like KODAKOne, Baidu utilizes artificial intelligence to scan millions of websites all over the world looking for duplicates and checking for any copyright infringement. If the AI discovers signs of such malfeasance, Totem will “initiate online rights lawyers” to deal with the issue.

Totem so far appears to be limited to China only, and the service has signed several Chinese-based stock agencies and photographers. The service will also support other Baidu products, including Baidu Photos and Baidu Search.

In addition to all these blockchain-based advancements, Baidu has also announced it will soon introduce its self-driving buses to the streets of China and in 2019, the buses will reach the streets of Japan. The buses will use Apollo 3.0, the latest version of Baidu’s open autonomous driving platform. Baidu will team up with investment firm SoftBank’s autonomous vehicle subsidiary SB Drive to bring the buses to Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

Headquartered in Beijing, Baidu Inc. is a Chinese multinational tech company specializing in Internet-related services and products and AI incorporated in January 2000.

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