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A Broader Blockchain Spectrum: Our Week in Review for April 9

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on April 10, 2016 News, News Digest

This week, BTCMANAGER highlighted the multiple use cases for blockchain technology, from banking to entertainment. We also brought to light the difficulties faced by the Bitcoin community in Venezuela in a feature interview with Randy Brito, founder of Bitcoin Venezuela.

Compiled from contributions by Nuno Menezes, Jamie Holmes, Diana Ngo,Michael Scott and Joseph Young

Venezuela in Crisis: A First-Hand Account from Bitcoin Venezuela

Since 2014, the Venezuelan government has been raising capital controls, and the country’s currency, the Bolivar (VEF), has been fluctuating ever since. Inflation levels have been higher than ever and people are witnessing their savings losing value every day. This situation has attracted many Venezuelans to Bitcoin. For some time, the industry around Bitcoin was blossoming as more and more people were becoming actively interested in this new technology.

Now, the government has initiated an offensive maneuver that is stifling the local digital currency industry. To uncover more about the disturbing situation in Venezuela, BTCMANAGER spoke with Randy Brito, the founder of Bitcoin Venezuela. The interview touched on topics such as the Bitcoin community in Venezuela, the government regulation against digital currency, and the future of Bitcoin.

Crowdaura: Shaping the Future of Wholesale Banking Technology

Crowdaura, a startup that offers a blockchain-powered platform for the issuance, execution and administration of financial products. It provides an end-to-end solution for established financial services firms to offer investment and wholesale banking services to the lower end of the capital markets for financial products such as mini-bonds, retail loan and private placement.

“We gained knowledge, developed a strong pipeline and are executing projects that will enable us to test our technology in a production environment and help our clients assess the impacts of digital platforms on wholesale banking,” Crowdaura’s CEO and founder Dr. Avtar Sehra said in this interview with BTCMANAGER.

The Bigger Blockchain Space: Venture Capital Flows Not to Bitcoin Startups Alone

Bitcoin startups appear to be making way for a new class of innovators vying for investment capital. While venture capital firms are still excited about the blockchain, they are also increasingly interested in Ethereum as more and more developers are attempting to transform the internet with a decentralized network of uncensored applications and web platforms.

Early angel investors and venture capital firms that began with a passion and determination to assist Bitcoin startups in reaching mainstream adoption have pivoted their focus, to varying degrees, from Bitcoin to alternative blockchain networks, such as Ethereum and to alternate digital currencies. Most notably, Boost VC, a startup accelerator which had promised to fund 100 Bitcoin startups by 2017, announced in February that the firm will also start investing in products and applications built using Ethereum.

NeuCoin: Fostering Crypto Engagement Through Gamification

BTCMANAGER interviewed Daniel Kaufman, co-founder of NeuCoin to learn more about this digital currency that has ben attarcting an enormous number of users since its release in September of 2015.

NeuCoin, says Kaufman, was designed to serve as a fun, easy online token held by a ton of regular consumers who don’t necessarily care about the larger world of cryptocurrencies, at least not yet. To them, NeuCoin is simply an internet token that appears in a game they like playing or a music site they like using, with little effort needed to accumulate a balance.

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