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A Company Focusing on Real Adoption: Humaniq Releases Annual Report

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on October 30, 2018 Altcoins, Business, Platform
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In the past 12 months, long-term crypto enthusiasts could witness first hand the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market. Driven by speculation, greed, and largely unjustified hype, the valuations of many coins and tokens skyrocketed in December-January 2017, falling more-or-less gradually since.

Gone is the hype for quick gains: many market participants are now raising concerns about the actual merits of the asset they bought.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the projects that saw incredible increases in valuation were at best little more than nice ideas in pre-alpha stages of development. Even Ethereum itself, which powered most of the smaller projects, showed signs of extreme immaturity with CryptoKitties — a single dApp with a comparatively modest user base that was able to clog the entire network for days.

Real Progress Is slow, Methodical, and Exhausting

As the price plummeted, and doubts were being raised on the entire concept of Blockchain, we have seen true progress being made: the Lightning Network was finally launched, Sharding is around the corner, and many projects born from ICOs are developing real products.

One of these projects, which in the past has always stayed away from the spotlight, is Humaniq. Following an ICO launch in April 2017, the project began the slow and methodical process of developing a platform that would connect the so-called ‘Global Unbanked’ to the world economy.
Now, after more than a year of constant work, Humaniq is releasing a detailed report on the progress made so far: features and statistics for the app, partnerships, conferences, and everything else worth mentioning.

A Thorough and Transparent Report

In the 27 pages of this document, it’s possible to find almost all of the information about the company. It starts with a statement from the founder, Alex Fork, who provides his opinion on the challenges and successes that Humaniq has had so far: An interesting and inspiring read, allowing anyone who might not have heard about Humaniq to get up to speed with the project.

In the pages that follow, Humaniq lists its extensive list of partners and collaborators. The most interesting of them is probably Jamii Africa, a Tanzania-based health insurance provider, set to be integrated with the Humaniq platform.

Humaniq Blue Writing White Background

Technical minds will find information for their liking as well, as Humaniq has detailed the exact tools used by the company in building the infrastructure, including how the development cycle is structured.
What is unique about the report is that it provides details statistics about the user base, including the rarely disclosed Daily and Monthly Active Users (DAU and MAU). The figures are certainly impressive in the context of the wider cryptocurrency market, where the average dApp has at most 20000 MAU.

Achievements that Flew under the Radar, until now

Written in big, yellow numbers is the number of users of the Humaniq App: 500,000, a threshold that has even been immortalized in the app’s Google Play page. Few cryptocurrency projects today can boast such a badge, which is definitely impressive for an early stage startup.

The report subsequently lists some of more than 25 conferences that Humaniq has attended in the past 12 months, which includes speeches and exhibitions at major events such as TechCrunch Disrupt, TNW, SVOD, MoneyConf, BlockWorld and many more. At TechCrunch, Humaniq was even invited as one of the 5 Top Picks in Blockchain, and many other recognitions and awards are mentioned: for example, winning the BlockWorld awards, or being introduced to the UK Parliament as part of a report where Humaniq was praised as one of the best UK-based companies fighting for financial inclusion.

As the report acknowledges, the job is far from over. The market is currently in a stage where all of the crypto projects have time to mature and build a solid foundation that will support real, worldwide adoption. Humaniq’s stated goal of Empowering the Unbanked is a very noble one, and the report shows that the recipe for success is there: all that is necessary now is to wait for future progress!

Read the report here:



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