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Action RPG Game Imperatum Becomes The First Title To Add A “Bitcoin” Mode

Action RPG Game Imperatum Becomes The First Title To Add A “Bitcoin” Mode

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 29, 2018 Bitcoin, Entertainment, News

In case you haven’t heard, the indie Role Playing Game (RPG) Imperatum has just introduced a new concept in the world of gaming. Following what it refers to as the “Crypto Update,” the moderately popular sci-fi title now has an all-new difficulty level.

As the moniker itself suggests, the update adds a “crypto” element to the game; more specifically, it introduces a new and dynamic difficulty level that changes with the price of bitcoin in real-time.

As the highest-valued cryptocurrency in the world (by market cap) goes up in price, the game starts throwing tougher challenges at you. Of course, with a surging price, you will have better and more loot to go after, but your enemies will also become increasingly more resilient during this time. On the other hand, as the price drops, it becomes increasingly easier to deal with the bad guys (but the loot becomes less frequent too).

No doubt that synchronizing the game’s difficulty level with fluctuating bitcoin price is a pretty neat idea. It’s innovative and perhaps makes one of the rare occasions when an investor can be thrilled about the extreme volatility of the virtual coin.

The only downside you could probably think of is the (arguably) unlikely scenario when bitcoin finally crashes to a new low. Because then the “Crypto mode” will be just a big waste. (Which self-respecting gamer would want to indulge in a game in the ultra-easy mode with no loot drops?)

On the contrary, if bitcoin price starts hitting one high after another yet again like it did towards the fall of 2017, Imperatum fans are definitely in for some pretty intense challenges.

“We decided to add it in as a fun experimental difficulty level,” explains an Imperatum team member, before adding, “We believe it’s an outside of the box idea that fits the theme of the game.”

The update also brings along an additional level to the Volantis City level, which adds a new indoor office area with nearly 15-25 minutes of content, quests, and previously unseen areas to explore.

Apart from the new additions, the Crypto Update includes several improvements over existing features and bug-fixes. For example, there are some new AI navigation tweaks, an improved main menu without the previously known glitches, as well as a brand spanking new audio transmission system.

For further details on the features of the Crypto Update, hop over to the game’s official portal.

As for those of you yet to try your hands on Imperatum, it is a futuristic action RPG where you play the character of an agent on a mission to defeat a powerful and mysterious veil that’s about to consume the galaxy.

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