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All you need to know about advertising on BTCManager


Unique visitors per month on average

2.7 millions

Page views per month on average


Alexa Rank

> 20

Formats For Audience Interactions

Advertising on BTCmanager

When discussing options please check the email. Our managers use email addresses “”.

Don’t take the shotgun approach to reaching the public. Focus on the buyers that matter to you.

BTCmanager Stats


25 — 34
35 — 44
45 — 54
18 — 24
55 — 64


Finance > Investing
News and Media
Business and Industry
Arts and Entertainment
Construction and Maintenance
78% of our audience have a higher education or equivalent

What we Offer


We write (or you submit and we edit) an article that tells your story in a compelling way. The content is vetted and will be marked sponsored.

Banner Advertisment

Found on the homepage, archive pages, and in the articles. These are native advertisements served from our domain.

Press Release

Press releases are found in a special spot on the home page as well as in the news feed. We will briefly edit and it’s Indexed with google.

First Event Spot

Get the first spot on the event list page. This goes for both mobile and desktop.

First ICO Spot

Get the first spot on the ICO list page. This goes for both mobile and desktop.

First Exchange Spot

Get the first spot on the Exchange list. This goes for both mobile and desktop.

The Talking Points

Put our experienced advertising team to work for you.

Create advertising solutions for your business that will offer maximum impact and promote your brand to your target audience. Web advertising is especially effective in promoting new financial companies, projects, and services. A properly placed, vivid, high-quality advertisement, combined with the right information, will earn more clicks and visitors than legacy campaigns.

Instant Reach

With over 60,000 push notifications, 25,000 followers on Twitter, 18,000 on Facebook, 6,000 on telegram we get the word out quick. More importantly, these are people regularly active in the blockchain space and always on the lookout for new technologies and trends.

International Syndication

Many news partners republish our content reaching an even wider audience, including Google News, Bing News, Apple News, Cryptopanic, World news, News360 App, NewsDog App, Steemit and many others.

Ad Formats

Press Releases

We also provide an opportunity for you to tell the world about your business or service. On BTCMANAGER there is a section dedicated to sponsored press releases. Simply fill out the release form below and make the payment. After a short approval period, your text will be added to the site.

Please contact us for more information or to submit your order directly. Please note that BTCMANAGER reserves the right to reject any press release for any reason, especially press releases that contain questionable, false, or misleading information.

Banners and traditional Ad Placements


Another attractive place for a box ad placement is the right side of the home page. It is an excellent solution to attract the attention of regular readers of our news section.


We also offer a variety of contextual advertising, which will be placed within the news feed in the form of a full-sized banner. Due to its width, an inline banner is quite prominent and occupies a significant place on the page.


Another type of advertising content that we offer is standard-sized banner within an individual article. The banner will appear in the text between paragraphs when the user navigates to the article link.

Mobile: Homepage Banner (300 X 250)

This is the just below the fold on the homepage. It is the first advertisement readers will see and is viewed by pretty much every visitor of the homepage.

Mobile: Homepage/Archive Inline (300 X 250)

These are dispersed throughout the homepage and archive pages. It will be repeated as many times as needed as users scroll through various news feeds.

Mobile: Article Inline (300 X 250)

These ad placements show up on every article every few paragraphs. They are right in the text and are seen by anyone who reads our articles.

Top Spots

First Event Spot

You get the first spot. All other events are listed by date only. So, if you want to stay at the top of the list and get the most clicks this is where you want to start.

First ICO Spot

You get the first spot. All other ICOs are listed by date only. If you want to stay at the top of the list and get the most clicks this is the place for you.

First Exchange Spot

You get the first spot and all other exchanges are listed by alphabetical order only.

Event/ICO Multi-Page Banner

This block will show up on nearly every page on both desktop and mobile. Events that take this spot are heavily vetted and we won’t allow just any old event to gain this much viewership from our site. Usually, this spot is taken by upcoming annual conferences and banner meetups.

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