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Press Release

After Raising $3.7 Million, the Main Sale of 8,300 Ether Cards NFTs Began on Mar 18

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 22, 2021 Press Releases
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After a successful presale, where roughly 17 percent of the 10,000 NFTs were sold, raising $3.7 million in ETH, the EtherCards main sale began on Mar 18, at 9 AM EST. This was a chance for the public to buy into the future of NFT gamification and value generation.

The main sale will go on for three weeks (or until sold out), where common cards will be available for between 0.3 to 5 ETH. Depending on the rarity of the card, their prices will rise via an incremental curve. During the sale, OG cards will be available for sale at between 30 to 55 ETH. 

Each card complies with Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard. Participants will only buy them using compatible wallets like MetaMask.

EtherCards Platform

The EtherCards platform provides a set of tools for digital artists and marketplaces to make their NFTs more engaging and valuable. Here, users can easily mint new tokens or host unique events. 

Through the EtherCards platform, there is better interaction between holders and creators. It is possible to reward dedicated fans who actively collect tickets or gather collectibles from blind purchases to complete puzzles or other challenges.

For each minted token (card), artists can embed unique traits—which adds tangibility and value, enabled by the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Cardholders receive perks that may include access to exclusive features or airdrops. 

Common cards have ordinary traits where holders can access discounts when using the platform. On the other hand, the rarest ones (OG cards) entitle holders to royalties and bountiful treasury.

Later on, Ether Cards plan to integrate with leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSeas, Nifty Gateway, and Mintbase.

Benefits of EtherCards NFTs

Overtly, EtherCards will offer two main benefits. 

First, they will feature art from new and veteran artists. These include pieces from Anthony D’Onofrio—the co-founder of Ethereum, and other artists with experience from giant entertainment companies like Sony Studios, Netflix, and Marvel. Their art will be available as individual, standalone artworks, and combined in layers through the innovative use of “Accidental Art.” 

Second, each card will bear unique traits through which cardholders can access different advantages when using the EtherCards platform.

Utility Beyond EtherCards Platform

With the flexibility presented by NFTs amid the rise of DeFi, EtherCards can integrate into decentralized services to act as authentication and membership tokens while being scarce and valuable. 

Furthermore, these cards can hold keys to application features or even manage commissions and collect commissions via the yield farming model.

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