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AITrading Introduces ERC-20 Token for New Wealth Management Platform

AITrading Introduces ERC-20 Token for New Wealth Management Platform

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on May 16, 2018 ICO/IEO
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AITrading is holding a crowdsale to build a platform based on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to aid experienced and novice traders alike, as well as banks, brokers, and third-party providers. An ERC-20 token will be offered to investors, AITT, which will fund the ecosystem and act as pre-payment for subscription services.

The Problems AITrading is Looking to Solve

Traders have to concentrate on various opportunities, and there’s no doubt that many trading signals will be missed or overlooked during the course of the day. Analysts and commentators sometimes promote conflicting trading recommendations, make it harder for the novice to make profitable trading decisions.

Because of the risks, time and skill involved in trading, traders sometimes lose significant amounts of money playing the markets.

This is where AITrading steps in by providing a solution involving artificial intelligence to provide trading signals 24/7 as well as suggesting trade ideas, portfolio compositions, and the trading of assets with one click. With access to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, the system is an all-in-one solution.

How Does AITrading Work?

Benefits for Different Groups/Individuals

Whether you are an experienced trader, newcomer or broker, AITrading offers something for everyone. Firstly, for those just getting started in the world of trading, the one-click feature will allow you to choose an idea and implement a trading strategy. AI generated ideas will also be available, along with access to third-party and experienced trader ideas, as well as a smart risk-hedging tool based on AI.

Secondly, for more experienced traders, the benefits of the AITrading platform include a larger set of AI-generated ideas, AI as a service which combines analytics from artificial intelligence with fundamental and technical analysis and a blockchain-based wallet built into the user’s account.

Finally, for brokers, banks, and third-party providers, they can use the platform to offer their services to users of the AITrading platform and a blockchain-based system of smart contracts and settlement.

Trading with the AITrading Platform

So how does it actually work? Let’s go through the steps as if we were a trader using AITrading’s platform.

First and foremost, the platform continuously collects price and volume data for forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks over the most liquid exchanges and this data is recorded in real time.

The second step is for a representation to be built for AI, searching various charts on different timeframes to highlight important areas of support and resistance.

Thirdly, a library of patterns that have been previously coded into the system is used to score the current price action. The score incorporates multiple factors, such as pattern fit and backtested performance. The signals are then ranked and compared for all instruments over all timeframes to weed out the best trading ideas. A clustering of user behavior and preferences are then used to determine which signals will be most suited to certain traders. The recommendation engine is used to delegate trading ideas to individual traders.

Fourthly, the idea is presented to the user in real time visually, consisting of the price of the asset and the identified pattern.

The library previously mentioned offers users access to pattern recognition as well as a host of other features; Trading Ideas suggestion, Trading strategies suggestions and Strategy Builder, AIT Portfolio Manager including smart hedging, Auto-backtesting functionality, and Alerts for suggested trading actions.

Speaking of the advantages of AITrading, CEO Alexey Shirobokov stated:

“Our technology is unprecedentedly transparent and democratic. It works 24/7 discovering trading ideas and formulating trading strategies which are available to the whole trading community, but not only to large funds and banks. So AITrading establishes a new approach to exchange trading market and enhances the business model of financial institutions enabling quick and seamless scalability to all financial markets.”

The Team Behind AITrading

Here we detail four members of the main team and outline their relevant experience.

The CEO of the project, Alexey Shirobokov, boasts 13 years of experience working in finance and corporate planning and held a position at Ernst & Young. As a trader with ten years of experience, he can guide the project to success.

Roman Didych, a forex trader who started out in 2004, serves as AITrading’s lead for product development and has managed private funds over a span of eight years.

Head of research Denis Chigirev also has substantial tenure with trading and algorithms, building quant strategies for hedge funds since 2010. Also, as part of Chigirev’s Ph.D. at Princeton University, he led a team to build an award-winning algorithm that predicts behavior from fMRI scans.

Sergey Shirobokov, an alumnus of the London School of Economics, will head up the Machine Learning Research Group and has significant knowledge of IT and the latest AI techniques in Physics.

Crowdsale Details


AITrading will start a distribution of an ERC-20 token, known as AITT, beginning July 3, 2018. The first round of the crowdsale will commence July 4 and lasts until July 30, 2018, and each token will cost 0.88 ($1.04). The maximum supply of AITT will be 67,888,888 and these tokens will be used to access the AITrading platform.

The minimum investment is 100 AITT, which amounts to 88 ($104.42) an the project hopes to raise 47 million ($55.4 million). Participants in the whitelist will get a 20 percent discount. Members of the first round will be able to buy AITT tokens with a ten percent discount. Accepted methods of payment are; BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, and all buyers must pass a KYC/AML procedure.

The second round of the crowdsale will commence July 31 and lasts until August 28, 2018.

The funds raised will be used to develop the ecosystem and serve as pre-sales for the subscription to its informational and analytical services. Investors, traders and other interested parties can participate in the token sale to gain the “right of first access.” Pre-payments for subscriptions are accepted via the AITrading web platform or IndieGoGo.

To find out more about the project, please visit AITrading’s website or have a look at their whitepaper.


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