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Algory Offers a Trading Platform Built by Traders for Traders

Algory Offers a Trading Platform Built by Traders for Traders

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on December 7, 2017 ICO/IEO

Trading cryptocurrencies are more like investing with uncertainty due to frequent fluctuations in the market. Confident decentralized trading requires an efficient tool that presents practical insights on cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

Trading Toolbox

A new cryptocurrency startup is bringing an advanced and multifunctional tool to the digital financial realm. Algory is thus introducing a total of thirteen instruments to leverage cryptocurrency trading.

Through this, the platform hopes to negotiate the volatility of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges better, provide analysis of trending ICOs, and send users notifications as to investment timing.

The Emerging Products of the Algory Project

1) Cryptoscanner: The crypto scanner lets you create alerts that examine the behavior of the cryptocurrency market in real time. You can directly analyze the number of cryptocurrencies that fits your trading strategies. The scanner is also customizable as your search and selection commenced for trading.

2) Crypto News: Algory’s “cryptonews” connects top news sources at one platform. This way the platform is continuously keeping informed about the latest trends and stories in the space. Traders no longer have to wait for the latest headlines from a news portal; they can just tap on this tool and catch a quick view.

3) Blockchain Analyzer: Be like a “whale” with blockchain analyzer from Algory. The tool tracks the potential sales generated by the larger volume of cryptocurrencies transferring between the wallets. It monitors steady streams among online and offline wallets, resulting from inherent price volatility in several cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the Blockchain analyzer enables you to monitor the potentials of any upcoming ICO project and the value of ICO tokens you have already engaged. The tool presents the status of transactions, the ideal volume, and fees concerning the operations confirmation time and network capacity.

4) ICO Analyzer: Find the next lucrative ICO entering the crypto market with Algory’s ICO analyzer. Besides gathering all ICOs (upcoming, present and closed), the apparatus also presents the progress status of their token sale and business performance.

5) Trading Room: The workplace/community “for traders by traders” will facilitate sharing and exploring their respective trading strategies.

6) Cryptocurrency Backtester: This product relies on the historical trading data to determine an effective strategy. The backtester gives meaning to your filters and signals using historical data.

7) Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Scanner: Price fluctuation is typical, but it is altogether mystifying to understand how different prices move on various exchanges. The arbitrage cryptocurrency scanner helps to spot the exact differences of one currency between the respective exchange networks.

8) Auto Trading: Automated trading by filters and signals reduces time and effort of users. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence that creates advancement in the overall system and boosts profitable opportunities.

9) Chart Signals and Analytics: Tracking any cryptocurrency has now become trouble-free since the Chart signal product of Algory allows you to link its other products to analyze any cryptocurrency by charts in real time.

10) Social Learning: Algory is for all! In this concern, a newcomer has access to the same information as a more experienced trader. And because of the social platform, users can explore this tool to the fullest by sharing their ideas and earning money at the same time.

11) Exchange Comparison: Compare the prices and volumes of cryptocurrencies among different exchanges. The exchange comparison tool is best when you want to find the most significant cryptocurrency volume, the best time to buy or sell, which trading platform has fewer transaction fees and prominently watching everything in one interface.

12) Crypto Coin: Browse information about given cryptocurrency at Algory Crypto coin tool. It saves your time and cost browsing through online tools to get detail info about the specific coin.

13) Crypto viewer: However, there are tools available in present market that provide cryptocurrencies at one place, but the Algory tool customizes this view based on the filters you create. It gives a broader perspective on the structured table with a filtering option.

The Token Sale Specifications

  • Token tag: ALG
  • Type of token: ERC20 (Ethereum based)
  • Token issued: 75 million ALG
  • Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH
  • Contribution form: ETH only
  • Decimals: 18
  • Type: Utility token
  • Distribution in ICO: 85.6 percent
  • Public Crowdsale starts: December 8, 2017, at 14:00 UTC
  • Public Crowdsale ends: January 8, 2018, at 14:00 UTC (or the earliest of ALG tokens sold)
  • Date of receiving of ALG tokens by participants: Immediately after sending ETH
  • Possibility of transferring ALG tokens: After closing of public crowdsale

The budget allocation comes in following ways:

  • For the development of product: 65 percent
  • For the infrastructure: 15 percent
  • For the marketing and promotion: 10 percent
  • For the legal affairs: five percent
  • For the support and administrations: five percent

The algory project combines multifunctional applications on one platform that creates confident trading based on research-oriented insights, filters, and signals.

Visit the official website, read the whitepaper, and meet the Algory team to find out more about the trading platform built for traders by traders.  

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