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Amalgamating the Blockchain and Guns: A Safer World?

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on September 20, 2016 Interviews, News
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Gun violence continues to be a lightning rod of media attention these days. Mass attacks at clubs and schools, deadly force by law enforcement, terrorist attacks, gang violence, accidental shootings; these incidents have led to fervent debates and calls for change throughout the world.

Enter Blocksafe, the world’s first blockchain-centric solution for bridging the gap between gun ownership and their safe use. This smart technology endeavors to address a fundamental issue when it comes to firearms, namely, the danger they pose when they make their way into the hands of non-owners.

Through the Blocksafe Foundation, an organization dedicated to the global alignment of smart gun technologies and gun owner freedom, a smart device and decentralized network is advancing forward in its development. The ultimate goal? To create a safer world through weapons tracking and accountability – preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands and being utilized by unauthorized gun users.

Private citizens, law enforcement agencies, and armed security firms will have 24/7 real-time access to the secure and anonymous Blocksafe network for the purpose of self-monitoring and viewing activity tied to their supported firearms devices. Smart device owners can be notified if shots are fired at their home or business and can even locate disable a stolen weapon, all through the Blocksafe app or web portal.

Capitalizing off of the synchronization of Telehash, decentralized VPN (DVPN) and torrent technologies, Blocksafe, if successful, will usher in a whole new world of gun accountability and policy initiatives designed to save lives.


Pulling the trigger on innovation

Triggers are the appropriately named tokens that power every event from smart devices to the Blocksafe network. Currently, they are being utilized as a means of raising funds via Bittrex, with 20 percent bonus tokens being offered through Thursday, September 22, at 11:00 am PDT. 

It has been reported that 125 BTC were raised in the first 24 hours of its campaign. Blocksafe has also received strong interest and support from a growing cadre of blockchain and gun industry leaders as well as noted BitAngels investor Michael Terpin.

Kevin Barnes, Founder and Chairman of the Blocksafe Foundation is an Army veteran, blockchain developer and passionate advocate of gun ownership. In recent years he has been involved in the development of a few crypto solutions involving bitcoin video and crypto philanthropic platforms. It was here where he realized that blockchain technology was my passion. After successfully creating a company, he decided to search for a problem that would really make a difference in the world. Says Barnes,

“Being an avid gun lover, I was at a range teaching my wife to shoot various firearms and she began to wonder what she do if she was overpowered by a thug while she was armed. At that moment the concept of ‘Blocksafe’ powered by Triggers token was born.”

One major problem he sees with adoption of nascent “smart gun” technologies is that many gun owners fear having their verification placed in a centralized database that the government can monitor. Many of these owners see this as a slippery slope that could impact their ability to use one’s own weapon or even lead to confiscation. This, he says, is why Blocksafe will prove valuable to gun owners.

“What we are building is a distributed network that supports smart gun technologies. An infrastructure is being created that does not yet exist providing enhanced safety and defense features to support third party smart gun technologies.”


Barnes goes on say that Blocksafe has the ability to send smart device activity notifications to the owner and others authorized by the owner.

“Notifications can be via email, push notifications and SMS. What’s nice is that the Blocksafe support device owners can maintain 100 percent complete control of their device and the data derived from it. There will be complete data encryption on the ledger except to the owner.”

“The device owner can view activities of the smart device and manage access to the activity via distribution of a data key. Unlimited authorized users may be added by the owner to authorize their use the smart device. Finally, there will be API and SDK support for third party integration into Blocksafe, including access capabilities for 3D print innovators.”

Barnes concludes,

“My hope is that Blocksafe will offer an infrastructure foundation that enables smart defense technologies to gain their full potential and provide enhanced gun safety and enhanced self-defense features to anyone in an anonymous, secure and private manner.”

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