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Amazon Partners with Manifold to Develop Serverless Blockchain Resources

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 27, 2018 Blockchain, News, Platform
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According to a press release on July 24, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it was partnering with Manifold Technology to offer serverless blockchain-based services.

AWS and Manifold Technology Combine Forces

Born in 2014, Manifold Technology is a company that focuses on developing next-generation blockchain solutions that can overcome existing challenges with implementation of new blockchain projects. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers over 100 services to assist in the creation of applications, including Manifold Technology services.

Manifold’s blockchain technology will now be available in the AWS Marketplace. Manifold had already partnered with AWS, but this time, the partnership has the specific intention of introducing a new generation of serverless hosting based on blockchain technology. The Manifold platform on AWS allows users to “manage blockchains for any application, from branded currencies and settlement, to asset management and intelligent automation.” Thus, the partnership represents an opportunity for customers to easily and rapidly implement their own blockchain infrastructure at remarkably lower costs.

Manifold has already launched two previous generations of serverless platforms powered by distributed ledger technology. AWS will be pioneering the use of the third-generation of Manifold’s serverless platform, which comes with improved capabilities such as blockchain auditability, more significant scalability, and tampering detection features. With this, the two enterprises will offer the ability for clients to access a DevOps model and to quickly prototype and deploy blockchain-based applications.

Chris Finan, Co-founder and CEO of Manifold stressed:

“We’ve worked with dozens of enterprises to improve their applications with the auditability and tamper-evidencing benefits of a blockchain, giving them a trusted platform that reduces transaction silos, reconciliation overhead and settlement time. We saw an opportunity to embed our capability within AWS to provide a more seamless, scalable and cost-effective means of delivering those blockchain attributes. We’re excited to be partnering with AWS to bring our infrastructure capability to their customers.”

Reduced Costs and Improved Functionality

According to the press release, landing blockchain-based applications on centralized infrastructures can be an expensive and dull process that carries a lot of challenges. Being able to move these applications onto a serverless infrastructure, makes for easier and cheaper deployment of said applications while also facilitating the transition into production.

Manifold’s blockchain infrastructure was developed to enable unprecedented versatility as it is prepared to manage millions of transactions. The efficacy of Manifold’s platform lies in its serverless architecture which is able to increase security by implementing simplified integration with a reduced number of attack vectors. Amazon already tested the blockchain-based Manifold platform last week in early access.

Manifold is now available on the AWS Marketplace in limited release. Switching to a serverless architecture will certainly bring benefits to companies looking to implement blockchain-based applications. 

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