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Apprehensive About Bitcoin? Here are 4 Stocks which gave 10x Returns in 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 2, 2017 Bitcoin, Finance, News

2017 has seen incredible things for bitcoin. Surging by over 1000 percent, it has sent the world into a frenzy, with everybody wanting a piece of the pie.

Although returns to date have been phenomenal, there is a growing apprehension among investors and finance professionals that bitcoin is no more than the latest bubble. Widely used as the currency of crooks and steadily adopted as the investment of choice among profit-seekers, the cryptocurrency has developed a mixed reputation over its short lifespan.

With central banks throughout the world keeping well clear of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole, the question is raised whether it is a good idea for the average person to invest in them. In the past year, several sources have advised investors to allocate their funds elsewhere, some of the most prominent advocates thereof being The Economic Times, Coindesk and Time Magazine’s Money.

It has been suggested that the craze is partially based on FOMO and the belief that bitcoin is unique in its return on investment possibilities. However, that belief is largely unfounded, as the stock market has seen some similar climbs in certain stocks over the course of 2017.

Once tiny capitalizations, insufficient trading volume and those from Venezuela have been excluded, there are four stocks which have experienced individual share price increases of over 1000 percent in 2017. Their success is almost an exact replica of bitcoin’s rise to fame, although they have had significantly less of the limelight.

These companies trade on exchanges based in Hong Kong, India, and Japan, and are certainly worth looking into. For many, they may be a viable investment alternative to bitcoin. Although not without risk, many may argue that trading on the stock market is safer than investing in the largely uncharted world of cryptocurrencies.

The first company in question is Pepper Food Service Co Ltd, a Japanese restaurant chain. Its market has ballooned from $100 million to over $1 billion since January.

HEG Ltd of India is second, a prominent manufacturer and exporter of graphite electrodes. Based in India, it currently boasts one of the largest integrated graphite electrode plants in the world.

Another Indian company that is turning heads is Indiabulls Ventures Ltd, specializing in trading online securities. In 2017 alone, the stock price has soared by 1,162 percent.

The fourth notable company is Hong Kong-based China Investment Fund. This investment firm holds stock which has increased the most of the four, up by 1,230 percent this year – which has earned it a place in the MSCI World Small Cap Index. China Investment Fund owns part stakes in a Chinese auto parts company, as well as a gold mine.

It is important to note from the information supplied in this article, that bitcoin investing is far from the only or the most lucrative investment method available. There exists a multitude of ways to invest funds, and the best approach is to allocate a little in a large variety of them.

Investment options include the purchase of hedge funds, penny stocks of a certificate of deposit, or trading options, futures or forex. No investment is without risk, and it is recommended to seek appropriate financial advice before making any investment decisions.

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