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Aurora Chain Mainnet Launch at "Beyond the Blocks" Conference in Seoul

Aurora Chain Mainnet Launch at “Beyond the Blocks” Conference in Seoul

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on May 18, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Business, Ethereum, News, Tech
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On May 15, 2018, Seoul, South Korea, saw the official launch of Aurorachain. Hundreds of journalists from China, South Korea, and the West were at the conference, during which the founder Aqua Zhao announced that the Aurora mainnet was live.

Global Vision for Public Chains

Zhao further shared his vision for Aurora, a public chain that will lead the next-generation blockchain technology and application.

“We seek to go beyond the blockchain to bring real value to the world.”

Aurora Chain is an improved smart contract platform that uses the DPoS + BFT consensus mechanism to create a secure environment for decentralized applications. The unique value proposition of Aurora is that it will better suit the requirements of a whole spectrum of industries, including big data, artificial intelligence, gaming, IoT, and countless others.

According to Zhao, Aurora will build a Dapp-enabled blockchain world as “iridescent as the aurora itself.”

Aurora Chain, which is also known as project Abitchain, aims to collaborate with Dapp developers to explore new business models that can bring real-world assets and rules onto the blockchain. One example being the gaming industry, to the end that a partnership has been negotiated with BIT.GAME, which claims to be the “world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games.”

Zhao explained that the digital assets and game mechanics can be substituted with smart contracts and tokens.

2,000 TPS

Like the Cosmos network, Steemit, BitShares, and EOS, Aurora is built with DPoS+BFT consensus to avoid unwanted forking.

One other noteworthy innovation is what is called the “Intelligent isolation of applications” – that claims to create a smarter pending zone to facilitate incoming transaction requests.

“Aurora is the product of months-long of development from our tech team with a lot of time and energy put into it. We have many innovations like the multi-chain parallel operation, upgradable blockchain, and cluster grouping,” Aurora’s Chief Technology Officer Arthur Qiang said.

All these innovations theoretically can guarantee Aurora’s unlimited processing speed, and ”greatly boost the transaction speed of Aurora,” continued Qiang.

Aurora claims that the technology can process up to 2,000 transactions per second, in comparison to the 15 TPS offered by Ethereum.

The Aurora Roadmap

Once the technical explanation was out of the way, it was announced that Aurora had joined the World Blockchain Council (WBC) and signed partnerships with BIT.GAME, XFuture and Light Second.

In June 2018, Aurora expects to release five to ten blockchain based games, one to two decentralized management apps and 12 media and information decentralized apps. Several prominent figures also spoke at the event, including David Song, World Blockchain Council founder, and Muhd Amrullah, Founder of Artificial Intelligence company Facerecog.

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