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B9Lab Certifies Several Dozen Ethereum Blockchain Developers

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on September 17, 2016 Ethereum, News, Tech
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Ethereum is attracting a lot of attention from developers all over the world. B9Lab, a company active in cryptocurrency and blockchain, created a dedicated course for Ethereum developers. The first batch of participants have graduated after nine weeks of training course and challenges. All participants are certified, and over 100 people from 28 countries signed up for this initiative.


The B9Lab Ethereum Developer Course

Focusing on a dedicated course for Ethereum blockchain development sounded like a strange concept at first. Given the open source nature of the source code, anyone in the world can contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem directly. However, creating requests and commits on GitHub does not reward an official certificate as a trained Ethereum blockchain developer.

This is where the B9Lab course comes into the picture, as they provide certification to all of their graduates. With a large interest from all over the world  representing six continents -it is clear there was a huge demand for this type of certification. After nine weeks of training and tackling challenges, several dozen developers have successfully finished the course.

B9Lab Founder Elias Haase told the media,

“We were getting daily requests from potential clients to provide training or find developers for their blockchain projects. We quickly realised the community needed a course that would certify their talents, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”


Among the skills learned during the B9Lab course are Web3, Solidity, and Truffle. Furthermore, there is a large focus on the foundations of Ethereum blockchain technology. No one was sure what to expect from this course, but Digital Identity SA CTO Marco Polci was “well impressed”. Challenges ranged from creating smart contracts to developing decentralized applications.


A Blockchain-Issued Certificate

What is so appealing about this course is how anyone in the world can participate. All classes are available online in video or screencast format. Exercises are handed out after every topic, and there is a final examination for all participants. Moreover, B9Lab provides support during nearly every hour of the day, ensuring students can receive the guidance they need.

Now that the first batch of certified Ethereum blockchain developers have graduated, the tone is set for future iterations. Various companies and institutions are looking for Ethereum developers specifically. Thomson Reuters is a prime example of such a company. It is good to see a proper certification procedure for this disruptive technology. It is also worth mentioning all certificates are signed on the Ethereum blockchain to provide an immutable record.

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