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Press Release

Binomo Is The Partner to Trust in Online Trading

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on July 2, 2020 Press Releases
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Online trading is an industry that is enshrouded in myths that often detract those willing to partake in the trading market. Selecting the right platform for conducting online trade is the only panacea that dissolves all myths and is the only solution that can be found by entering the corresponding query in online search engines. And as the selection of trading platforms becomes apparent, the first question that arises before the novice trader is “Binomo is reliable?” In fact, Binomo is a trustable and fraud-free trading platform trusted by over 10 million traders around the work that has shattered many of the myths that impede novice traders from entering the market.

Is Binomo Good?

For many years, there has been an adage that the trading market is for the select few, an elite club of professional traders. But nothing could be further from the truth, as trading is available to everyone. Binomo is a trading platform that has proven that the participation of a trader in exchange trading is simple and begins with choosing a reliable and professional market participant – an online trading terminal, and opening a deposit balance account.

Binomo is versatile and offers all of the instruments necessary for making informed decisions based on in-depth market analysis and a set of technical analysis instruments that facilitate decision-making. A professional trader carefully thinks through every action that may affect the outcome of a trading session, and for professional trading, they need to have knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as working strategies and approaches.

Another and quite common myth that Binomo disproved is the judgment that the key to the success of a trader is the presence of at least an economic or even mathematical higher education. It is believed that only mathematician traders are able to master complicated software that provides the opportunity to trade. Binomo is a convenient and user-friendly trading terminal that operates in 15 languages in over 130 countries and offers anyone the opportunity to engage in trading with minimal starting knowledge. The platform provides a wealth of knowledge databases, guides, and tutorials for educating novice traders about the ins and out of the trading market. It is worth remembering that anyone who takes knowledge and strategies from experienced traders can become a professional in trading over time.

Another myth that Binomo has successfully vanquished is that trading takes up a lot of time. It is true that trading is a round-the-clock activity, but the Binomo application allows users to remain online and connected to their terminal and portfolio at any time without any holidays or weekends from both desktop and mobile devices. There is no need for a trader to be constantly present on the market or being involved in the process and monitoring the situation, as the Binomo app operates in automated modes. In addition, transactions take place in a split second, meaning that very little time is required to review the situation on the market and complete trade transactions.

Binomo Deposit Functions

Exchange trading is currently available to absolutely everyone who has a computer, an internet connection, and a great desire to both work and make profits on volatility dynamics. The journey to trading on Binomo starts with accessing the Binomo official website, which first offers novice traders the chance to make use of the free demo account version with a $1,000 virtual currency account balance that allows them to test all of the functions and features of the platform.

The wide range of instruments for technical analysis allows users to form and trade profitable portfolios that include special financial derivative instruments, commodities, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and much more. Once users of Binomo register their personal accounts using their emails, they can make use of the Binomo deposit function. Users can deposit as little as $10 or euros on their accounts using bank cards to start trading. Withdrawal of funds will require users to pass KYC and AML procedures by providing their personal identity verification documents.

Binomo Pantip Opinion

The Binomo Pantip review that was recently released to highlight the functions and features of the application has stated clearly that Binomo is a reliable trading platform. Binomo is the holder of the FE AWARDS and IAIR Award and is a category “A” member of the International Trade Commission, which is responsible for additional security on the platform by providing coverage of as much as 20,000 euros per user account balance.

The Binomo trading terminal works around the clock and is available for nighttime trading with order sizes of as little as $1 or euro. Such an approach further minimizes risks and allows users to trade without fears of substantial losses. The Binomo Pantip review also praised the Binomo application for its lightning-fast transaction execution times and the availability of a broad range of technical analysis instruments, which include Stochastics, MACDs, moving averages and many others in addition to convenient chart views that can be customized to suit the needs of individual traders seeking versatility and functionality.

Trading is accessible to anyone seeking to invest even insignificant amounts of funds to start their trading careers on the online trading market and making profits of exchange rate volatility.


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