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Bitcoin Aliens: Boosting Bitcoin Adoption With Fun and Games

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on April 19, 2016 Entertainment, Interviews, News
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Bitcoin adoption hinges on ease-of-use and everyday utility. But one important element that makes anything new more attractive to people can also be plain, simple fun. One company that has been successful in using the “fun” principle to spread bitcoin adoption is Bitcoin Aliens.

Over the past few years, the Bitcoin Aliens development team has released a few of the most highly rated Bitcoin faucet games and applications in the market today, including four popular “faucet” game apps that have been downloaded thousands of times. The purpose is to disburse a few free satoshi at a time as prizes or rewards to game players. For people who are just starting out in bitcoin, it’s a fun, low-risk way to start dabbling in the digital currency.

The Bitcoin Aliens team introduced themselves to the Bitcoin mobile game market with their very first Bitcoin faucet game called Bitcoin Aliens. They experienced a rather steep learning curve, having miscalculated the payouts that would be generated, but rebounded a few months later. They decided to target the Bitcoin Faucet niche market and developed an application called PaidBooks to encourage the community to earn bitcoin while reading free, public domain books.

“We tried again and got the numbers a little better and we grew from there,” Bitcoin Aliens’ founder Daniel Bainbridge told BTCMANAGER in an interview. “Now we have four web-based faucets including, which I’m personally proudest of — it pays you to read books and we have over 550 ebooks in full, posted up online and a community of over 50,000 members getting paid to read. So, now we really see this demand for bitcoin on a huge scale, and we have paid out almost 500 BTC from all of our faucets, almost $210,000 worth at today’s value,”

After the success of PaidBooks, the Bitcoin Aliens team established a stable revenue stream and began the development of two applications: “Free Bitcoin” and “Blockchain Game.” The two mobile applications have become popular among bitcoin users, which has led to over 500,000 installs over the past few months.

“Today we have 4 mobile apps, with around 500k+ installs between them. Our best and most popular by installs is “Free Bitcoin” with over 350k installs. If you search for ‘bitcoin’ in either the Android or Apple store then this app ranks between 2nd and 4th, depending on the store and your country,” explained Bainbridge.

Android Success

Blockchain Game, a popular Android-based Bitcoin faucet mobile game has obtained over 50,000 users since its launch in February 17, 2016.

Similar to many Bitcoin faucet games on mobile platforms, Blockchain Game pays out users a certain amount of bitcoin each time the user plays. Players stack blocks to form longer blockchains, competing against other users in the network. Depending on how high players can build their blockchain towers, different amounts of bitcoin are awarded and sent to their integrated bitcoin wallet.

The idea of Blockchain Game came from the Bitcoin Aliens team’s vision to help beginner bitcoin users to receive their first bitcoin and learn how to use them. Throughout 2016, the team hopes to see an increase in the number of new bitcoin users and increase the general adoption and awareness of bitcoin.

“The short-term vision is that it just sits within our portfolio or websites and apps and fits within our formula. The long term is to hold our position for “blockchain” searches in the app store — with increased popularity and positive news about blockchain we do see more installs and aim to continue to be the first point of contact for people learning about bitcoin and blockchain, and especially to be able to give people their first free satoshis,” said Bainbridge.

However, Bainbridge states that the profit margin is still very low because of their high payouts. Over the course of the development of their bitcoin faucet applications and games, the team realized that it is difficult to obtain users without offering payouts that are as least as high as other bitcoin faucet applications. The team began to prioritize payouts to users rather than short term advertisement revenue to establish their presence on the app store. The team intends to continue to create high paying bitcoin mobile applications in the future to promote their brand to the community.

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