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Bitcoin Comedy to Give Viewers a Balanced Understanding of the Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Comedy to Give Viewers a Balanced Understanding of the Cryptocurrency

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 21, 2017 Bitcoin, Business, Entertainment, News

As more and more people become aware of Bitcoin, especially after the cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise to $19,000, Hollywood is looking to jump in on some of the action with Filmmaker Christian Cashmir’s “Bitcoin” movie.

Advancing Shooting Schedule

The movie is to be a comedy, surrounding two brothers who come across a Bitcoin wallet worth $20 million, or one that has roughly 1,000 Bitcoin according to current prices. The movie follows the two brothers journey in selling their findings on the black market.

The production was to begin at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, in the last week of April. Bitcoin’s recent headlines, particularly those related to its seemingly limitless price cap, however, have prompted Cashmir to advance the schedule in what he told MarketWatch:

“The plan is to start shooting the film in the last week of April in New Mexico, but then two weeks ago Bitcoin went up to $19,000, and I thought maybe we should think about going into production faster.”

Capitalizing on Cultural Buzz

Whenever something catches a lot of buzz on social media, one can almost guarantee a movie is just around the corner. Films are essentially elaborate stories, and the best films have stories that everybody can relate to and enjoy.

“Any hot topic invariably leads to movie deals,” Cashmir iterated. “We would like to be the first feature film about Bitcoin so we’re doing everything we can to get the film out there.”

The movie, while a comedy, is meant to give a clearer understanding of the digital currency. The hope is to show viewers that there is more to Bitcoin than just the speculative side of things.

“Our film is an entertaining comedy, but it’s also so relevant in terms of explaining what’s going on with money and the disruption of technology,” he said. “It explores the good and bad side of Bitcoin, how it can impact the future, but we also show the dark side of some of the servers.”

Over the last couple years, references to the digital currency have slowly increased in TV shows or movies. For instance, “The Big Bang Theory” aired an episode on November 30, 2017, revolving around the cryptocurrency.

While typically portrayed as a means to an end for hackers looking to ransom anonymously, hopefully, Cashmir’s creation shows a more balanced picture of what Bitcoin is all about.

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