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The Bitcoin Hotel for Entrepreneurs

Communication in this modern area has added some interesting nuances to the workplace. Working remotely, or from home, has become a lot more commonplace in a lot of industries. Though this sounds ideal for many, it does have the downside of lacking the socialization of a traditional office. A new hotel in Singapore adopts bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), and doubles up as a co-working space.

Transformation of Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are one of the solutions that are gaining more traction for this dilemma. The idea is simple enough, offices for rent that are shared with other like-minded individuals who are also lacking in workplace interaction due to their job. These have cropped up all over the world to cater towards the new phenomena of the “digital nomad,” those who work via their computer and travel.

Going beyond this idea, however, is this new venture that has been put forth by Tribe Theory. The new form of “venture hotel,” that targets entrepreneurs and start-ups to not only work and create together but also cohabitate.

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