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Bitcoin Millionaire Becomes Rap Artist known as CoinDaddy

Bitcoin Millionaire Becomes Rap Artist Known as CoinDaddy

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on April 18, 2018 Bitcoin, Entertainment, News
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Arya Bahmanyar is a self-proclaimed bitcoin millionaire. The 28-year-old recently left his lucrative real estate career to launch a hip-hop music career with the rap moniker, CoinDaddy. Now, he makes music about common hip-hop themes with a twist of crypto lingo thrown in the mix, exploring themes like driving fancy cars and “slinging coins.” He hopes to use his music to bring the cryptocurrency market to the mainstream. He currently writes and performs for YouTube as he builds his entertainment brand.

Chronicles of CoinDaddy: From Realtor to Rapping About Bitcoin

Bahmanyar came into contact with bitcoin in 2013. He has recently graduated from George Washington University and was living in a shared apartment with four other occupants in New York. One day, he met some bitcoin evangelists at a local bar and his interest was piqued. He struck a good friendship with the group, and they soon encouraged him to put all of his life savings into bitcoin.

In the years that followed, Bahmanyar maintained a watchful observance of the bitcoin price. According to him, checking the price of bitcoin was a daily ritual for him. Bahmanyar did not let go of his investments despite the pleas from close family members who told him bitcoin was akin to “magic internet money.” During that period, he worked many jobs in different industries like pharmaceuticals, entertainment, before finally settling into the commercial real estate business.

In October 2017, he decided to visit some of his extended family living in Norway. During his visit, a relative of his asked him if he knew about bitcoin. Bahmanyar had not checked the bitcoin price in almost four months at that point. When he did check the price, he saw that the bitcoin price had reached $6,000, more than double what it was the last time he remembered checking the price. The proliferating price of bitcoin was a signal that Bahmanyar needed to drop everything else and focus on bitcoin.

He returned to the San Francisco Bay Area, quit his job and decided to reinvent himself as a bitcoin rap artist. CoinDaddy explores many of the issues facing bitcoin, using rap lyrics as an instrument of hope for bitcoin traders. In one of his songs called “Holding the Bag,” he encourages people to buys dips so that they can make big profits when the dips begin to boom. Dips refer to a decline in the price of a cryptocurrency. In another song called “The Siphoning,” he talks about bitcoin and bitcoin cash, saying that bitcoin is going to continue going strong.

Cryptocurrency and Music

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been having some impact in the music industry. American rapper, Lupe Fiasco, recently declared that he believed blockchain technology is capable of revolutionizing the music industry. Many of the blockchain implementations in the music industry have been about restoring the rights of musicians and artists to their intellectual property.

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