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Bitcoin Mining Made Accessible with BitMOR

Bitcoin Mining Made Accessible with BitMOR

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 12, 2018 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Business, Mining, News, Tech
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According to Argus Leader, a local South Dakota news site, BitMOR is a new cryptocurrency mining company that sells mining equipment and service to locals interested in mining cryptocurrencies. BitMOR is considered one of the first cryptocurrency mining businesses located in South Dakota.

First Cryptocurrency Business in South Dakota

BitMOR’s goal is to sell equipment and hosting for people who do not have the technical experience and understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. They make it easy and straightforward so anyone can get into cryptocurrency mining by providing the equipment, housing and hosting services as a package bundle.

“What we’ve tried to do is just make it simple,” said Jason Engle, the president of BitMOR. “We’ve got an easy approach that lets people purchase the machines through us, we’ll set them up for them, and they can be mining the same day that they’ve paid their invoice.”

The Argus Leader reported that two California telecommunications companies and Engle worked together to create BitMOR. The creation was in response to the popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and the geographical advantage of South Dakota as a place for cryptocurrency mining operations.

BitMOR also provides software tools for their customers who are keen to monitor the cryptocurrency mining machine in real time from their mobile devices. BitMOR ensures that the process is so simple that a customer can purchase a computer, receive setup, software and host for a year. BitMOR then charges on a monthly basis for ongoing hosting after the year. “It’s very, very straightforward,” said Engle.

As seen on their website, BitMOR sells the Antminer S9 ASIC and sells the BitMOR B6 and B8 BPU mining rigs for Ethereum. They specialize in cryptocurrency mining for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other altcoins, however, can also be mined as well.

Optimal Region for Mining Cryptocurrencies

Regarding location, South Dakota has significant advantages when it comes to hosting a cryptocurrency mining operation. It has relatively inexpensive open space, cheap and abundant power, a cold climate, cold winters, and a decent business environment which makes it an ideal place to mine cryptocurrencies.

Engle stated:

“What people don’t realize is you’re not so confined to space, because the machines themselves are very small. It’s more can you get reliable energy, can you get reliable energy, can you get a significant amount of energy in the building, and then once you’ve got those pieces put together, can you distribute that energy throughout your building in a way that you can bundle these machines very tightly together.”

Engle is confident that the BitMOR facility can handle any difficulties or challenges posed by cryptocurrency mining. The facility is secure, has redundant fiber connections and the equipment required to cool down the cryptocurrency mining machines. They have installed the 115-ton HVAC unit to cool the mining machines and upgraded the building’s power so that each mining machine receives a dedicated 20-amp line. Furthermore, the site will be monitored 24/7 and the building’s temperature, humidity and environment will continuously be controlled and monitored.

BitMOR can handle hundreds of cryptocurrency mining machines, with the goal to grow it to 10,000 devices. Engle and the BitMOR team are excited to be apart of the new cryptocurrency movement.

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