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Bitmart Opens Retail Mining Hardware Store in South Africa

Bitmart Opens Retail Mining Hardware Store in South Africa

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 11, 2018 Bitcoin, Business, News

Bitmart, the biggest supplier of bitcoin mining hardware in South Africa has announced the launch of its retail store. Their first of its kind retail store will be exclusively dedicated to cryptocurrency hardware.

First Ever Store Dedicated to Mining in Africa

It is the first-ever retail store dedicated to supplying bitcoin mining hardware across Africa. Since 2015, Bitmart has been the leading Bitcoin mining hardware supplier in the region. The store will not only stock mining hardware but also other cryptocurrency merchandise. The company aims to create a complete cryptocurrency experience for the buyer. Bitmart also has created a specialized ATM. The store will accept payment in a local payment service, EFT, and quite obviously, in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and dash. Bitmart currently specializes in making hardware mining rigs.

There is a significant opportunity in South Africa for bitcoin mining. Cheap electricity is abundant, and there is no clear framework on the legality of bitcoin. Clearly, Bitmart has grasped the opportunity. Some speculate that South Africa can become a real leader in bitcoin mining now that China is moving to ban it. Bitmart will sell ASICs, GPU miners along with the other required hardware and software. A retail store is a much better option for those who want to look at all options before selecting a best one, after all. For the physical retail store to be successful, Bitmart needs to target new entrepreneurs and not only the select few mining corporations.

Bitmart to Launch New Service Bringing Mining to Masses

The company, headquartered in Mpumalanga, also aims to make South Africa a global leader in the cryptocurrency space. The office of the company is where individuals can meet other crypto enthusiasts to share and discuss the latest developments. The company also conducts seminars on trading in cryptocurrencies. Bitmart and Uniwisp will soon be launching a satellite mining connection that will enable bitcoin mining from anywhere in the world.

Buyers who buy mining hardware from Bitmart are also provided an application that allows them to manage their miner. The app can also be used for information about trading in cryptocurrencies and other exchange-related information. Once you purchase a certified miner from their store, they also provide comprehensive support and after-sales service.

Buyers who purchase used Bitmart mining hardware from online sellers are also provided with the Shepherd Service. It was launched with the aim to assist beginners and help them not get scammed by buying damaged or broken miners. The company ensures that the used hardware is in proper working condition. The staff at the store oversees all of this and ensures a smooth deal between the buyer and seller. Bitmart is also the official reseller of Cannan’s Avalon miners, Ledger, Bitvault, KeepKey and Trezor Hardware Wallets in Africa.

Bitmart is attempting to corner the enthusiast space in the region and abroad. The company also sells GPU mining rigs, GPU mining hardware components, mining software and a mining rig monitor app. These are exported to countries such as Japan, Canada, Sri Lanka, North America, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, Australia, England, and Europe.

Mining rigs require electricity, a proper cooling system, and an internet connection, which may be problematic in the African region. However, mining cryptocurrencies has become a passive income for many.

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