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BitPay and Glidera Enable Canadian Users to Buy and Sell BTC with Copay

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 5, 2015 Business, News
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On October 20, BitPay partnered with bitcoin exchange and payment infrastructure provider Glidera Inc. to allow multi-signature wallet Copay users to buy and sell bitcoins directly from its mobile application.

This week, BitPay announced the expansion of its Copay-based bitcoin exchange services across all provinces in Canada except Quebec. All Canadian bitcoin users can now easily purchase or sell bitcoin directly from BitPay’s bitcoin wallet platform Copay.

“Canadian bitcoin users (all provinces but Quebec) can now sign up for Glidera Inc via Copay to buy/sell BTC in-app,” announced the BitPay team on Twitter.

BitPay’s integration of the Glidera bitcoin exchange infrastructure is a part of the launch of Copay version 1.3.1, which enables users to secure transactions using a TouchID and store private keys with any standard or BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 38 encrypted paper wallets.

Through the newly released features of Copay bitcoin wallet, Canadian users may purchase bitcoin using the Copay mobile or web-based platform and store their funds in a cold storage to secure and prevent their funds from being vulnerable to potential hacking attacks and data breaches.

The implementation of the TouchID bio-security system allows all iPhone 6 Copay app users to verify their transactions with a fingerprint scanner before they are sent to the bitcoin network. Such additional security measures will allow Canadian bitcoin users to trade bitcoins securely, with relatively low conversion and transaction fees.

However, Copay users in Quebec are barred from accessing the services, due to compliance and regulatory issues.

“Copay users in all supported US states and all Canadian province except Quebec can now sign up for Glidera in-app without invite codes. Just follow the signup flow from the app to your browser of choice to complete the registration process,” said Copay Factotum Director of Development Marias Alejo Garcia.

As a part of its launch, Copay has also announced that developers of Copay-based creative and practical applications will receive advanced buy and sell access.

“We’ll be giving advance buy and sell access to tweets and users with the most creative and practical applications. Whether you’re contributing to a shared wallet for your family’s vacation funds or using multiple keys to protect your savings, we want to hear from you,” said Garcia.

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