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Press Release

BitStorageBox Announces Reward Platform for Popular Quizzes, Digital Asset Monetization and Marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 15, 2021 Press Releases
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(February 13, 2021) – YouTubers set the trend, and today a new blockchain platform is taking it to the common man. BitStorageBox has been launched to connect the vast user-generated content with ad revenue, economic benefits, and fun for everyone. BitStorageBox is a reward platform working with Bitcoin, and allowing anyone to create or solve quizzes in any field or area.

On BitStorageBox (BSB), any user can create interesting and fun, real-time quizzes or surveys, or participate in daily updated quizzes. Anyone can answer simple questions such as ‘What does DeFi stand for?’ and earn a little Bitcoin. The platform displays top quizzers, total rewards handed out, and has a dedicated personal page for every user to start creating and playing quizzes.

In the digital assets market, the next step has been taken by BitStorageBox. The platform aims to connect all knowledge and common sense available across the world and monetize it. Thus anyone can create a quiz, survey, or questionnaire of their choice, and earn advertising revenue. Those who like to attempt quizzes and earn can likewise register and start earning revenue. BitstorageBox works with the division of profits generated by advertising.

“Over the years, the value of digital assets has continued to rise along with big issues. With more and more projects and digital assets under creation, one of the most important things is attention. Interest arises from the experience of direct value, and BitStorageBox (BSB) is the platform that can draw this attention. BitStorage Box (BSB) will be another catalyst for revitalizing the digital asset market,” said a representative from Bitstoragebox.

For blockchain marketers, BitStorageBox opens up new and rich networking and influence marketing spaces. Any digital project that aims to widen its audience can do so without being hamstrung with traditional avenues. They can simply post their quizzes, surveys, or questionnaires related to their project or assets for a direct-to-consumer marketing experience. BSB is more open to the general public and hence carries a deeper reach and impact.

A BitStorageBox official said,

“In the future, businesses that are carrying out these blockchain projects will be able to use the BitStorageBox platform to increase the volume of digital assets as well as creating significant effects on marketing. This is because Bitstoragebox can reduce the burden of advertising costs to inform the project while making users join in the project more actively. As such, BitStorageBox provides the foundation for many projects to succeed.”

The BitStorageBox platform will be introduced to the public starting with the beta testing version in March.

About BitStorageBox

BitStorageBox (BSB) is an advertising-based profitable reward platform that uses the digital assets of numerous verified projects along with Bitcoin. For more information, please visit:

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