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Blockai Introduces Twitter-based Blockchain Copyright Solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on August 19, 2016 News
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Blockai, a blockchain-based copyright platform designed for artists and digital content creators, has added a new social media feature that allows creators to claim their rights instantaneously through Twitter.

The platform, which is built on a decentralized network of servers, is designed for creators to claim copyright of their creation into an unalterable and irrefutable ledger. Essentially, each claim to copyright or intellectual property stored on the blockchain network of Blockai represents a transaction which holds the record in a public database.

For creators to embed their work permanently in the distributed ledger, they have to upload the image and description of their creation on the Blockai platform, which then converts the data and stores it into the blocks of their blockchain network.

To assist creators and digital content providers more efficiently, Blockai have launched Twitter integration, enabling creators to simply tweet the image using the hashtag #blockai and receive a link to their copyright claim instantly.

The copyright is then stored as a permanent record on the blockchain, with a digital certificate and unalterable proof that can be utilized to defend their rights and protect their creations. service also allows users to browse the web to see if other people are trying to use their images. Additionally, using a Blockai certificate instead of screenshots from social media could make for a better case in court when determining who owns the rights to a photograph, for example.  

Blockai also offers an online portfolio for creators to track their copyrights and projects with a more transparent method. The dashboard of the creator is similar to many social media platforms in the sense that it provides the creator’s name, description, and the projects.



The transparency of the dashboard and its social media-like feature allows businesses and other people in need of images to visit the creator’s portfolio and simply use their photographs by crediting the artist.

Soon, artists and photographers will be enabled by Blockai to monetize their projects listed on their portfolio or dashboard. Every Time an artwork or photograph is credited or used by a business or an individual, the creator will receive payments accordingly.

When launched, Blockai’s innovative monetization method for artists will serve as a vital revenue stream for many artists that are either freelancers or independent contractors working for various companies. Despite the increasing number of artists and photographers, there aren’t many monetization opportunities available in the industry today, unlike filmmakers that can use platforms like Youtube to monetize their content.

Many artists are based on Instagram and other social media platforms that provide online presence and popularity but the majority of artists and photographers are struggling to search for ways to monetize their projects and making a living off their passion.

Earlier this year, Blockai CEO Nathan Lands hinted the development of a platform which can protect and monetize photographs and artworks through a single network.

“We believe that a record created on the blockchain using Blockai would serve as sufficient evidence in a court of law. And hopefully you won’t have to go to court at all, since sending the certificate seems a lot more serious than sending them an Instagram picture,” said Lands.

He further emphasized that more important parts of the platform will be helping artists and photographers to make money to continue their projects in the long run.

“The ideal future system is one where there is a universal database for claiming ownership of creations and for paying royalties,” Lands added. “Making it as simple as possible for people to do the right thing.”

With Blockai’s Twitter integration and their soon-to-come monetization service, artists and photographers will have a platform to themselves with which they can protect their creations and make money to support their projects.

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