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Blockchain Company buys 67,000 acres of land in Nevada, Next to Tesla and Google

Blockchain Company buys 67,000 acres of Land in Nevada, Next to Tesla and Google

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 31, 2018 Blockchain, Commentary, Ethereum, News
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Blockchains LLC, an Ethereum-focused software development company, purchased 67,000 acres at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRI). The industrial park is the largest in the United States and includes occupants like Tesla, Google, and Switch. The industrial center hosts Tesla’s Gigafactory, possibly the largest building in the world.

All Use Cases, All in One Place

Lance Gilman, Storey County Commissioner, said:

“From 15,000 feet (above ground view), I believe they envision a product that will showcase all of the capabilities of the blockchain technology.”

Although the Blockchains LLC seems to be mysterious, its website describes itself as a proponent for ensuring consumer protection. It services focus primarily on providing DApps (Decentralized Applications) and Ethereum development.

The company website states:

“Our current projects focus on financial services, software development of distributed applications (Dapps) for the Ethereum blockchain, and trusted identity solutions. BLOCKCHAINS serves as a proponent and platform for the next generation of technological disruption; changing the way individuals and businesses transact and interact with one another all across the world.”

Blockchain LLC

While the new campus in TRI center is under development, a newly renovated property outside the TRI center will serve as a temporary headquarters. The barren website suggests it to be a subsidiary of Berns Inc. EthNews, a subsidiary of Berns Inc., is the only link to a corporate world.

Berns Inc explains itself as the company “creating practical applications that use blockchain-based technology and incorporate important consumer protection tools.”

Gilman mentioned above revealed that he closed the land deal of 67,000 acres with Blockchain LLC. Gilman, also a TRI Center broker, said he is not permitted to discuss the terms of sale. Although, he did mention that 74,000 acres of land of the industrial park were sold at $175 million, of which the majority is owned by Blockchain LLC.

“There’s no question; they’re going to have a major footprint in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center,” said Gilman.

Purpose of Use is Under Speculation

Little information is publicly available which does not include the plans for the newly purchased land. Many speculate the new project to be a mega Ethereum mining rig while others oppose the idea citing the unfavorable mining conditions (hot temperatures) at the industrial park.

Some debate that solar panels could make mining cheaper and also compensate for cooling gear and expenses. Some predict it to be the first blockchain city. However, no official announcement has been made by the company.

Cryptocurrencies and its underpinning blockchain technology until recently did not attract huge investments. The new trend is evidence of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are entering the mainstream.

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