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Blockchain Controlled Infrastructure: The Future of the Gaming Industry

Blockchain Controlled Infrastructure: The Future of the Gaming Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on November 16, 2017 ICO/IEO
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The gaming industry is rapidly growing. Generating $100 billion annually, the industry requires unique solutions to sustain the growth and overcome limiting factors.

A major infrastructure is needed to sustain massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and assist with reliability, cost, speed, security, and scalability. Cheating and broken matchmaking mechanics are other issues that can destroy gaming communities as gamers become demotivated and spend less on content.

An Improved Structure

To combat the failing infrastructure system and corruption, NetworkUnits offers a scalable, decentralized, blockchain controlled infrastructure and multiplayer framework. The Network Unit or NU Token is the cryptocurrency that drives the economy of the infrastructure.

The system is being developed by Evil Badger, an Australian game development and registration studio with past releases on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. NetworkUnits’ mission is to reduce cost and facilitate growth and innovation in the gaming industry by removing a number of critical issues.

Through the blockchain, the intemediaries can be removed and an accessible framework created to develop a digital, peer-to-peer network of exponentially growing computing power.

“Our intention is to harness this power, thus creating the largest and most robust gaming platform that would have previously been only exclusively controlled by the largest game companies,” the company details.  

A Win-Win Platform

Recognizing the challenges and problems in the industry, NetworkUnits is developed by game developers for game developers. By integrating NU’s easy-to-use multiplayer framework, developers can focus solely on game development.

Developers also save money with reduced costs, particularly in comparison to dedicated hosting and cloud providers. As gamers are incentivized to play through winning tokens, developers improve their player counts and player activity.

In addition, the system possesses key advantages for the gamers. Anti-cheating mechanisms are built directly into the NU framework, improving game experience and providing fair challenges. Gamers are also encouraged to help with the system verification process by being able to mine for tokens while playing.

The distributed network of service providers and relays provide a faster connection regardless of where the user is located, a welcome advantage for gamers who have experienced problems with network latency and down-time. In the event of a catastrophe, there is also an automatic failover protection as the system switches nodes.

Sharing Unused Resources

Among other things, NU provides a cost-efficient solution for end-clients as the company converts wasted resources into useful resources.

Anyone can make use of their unused bandwidth and processing power by sharing it with the NU platform. As an incentive, these Service Providers receive tokens for renting their resources to developers.

To avoid bad performance, one can become a Masternode by providing collateral in NU to pay penalties for unreliable service. Tokens can be earned for providing reliable service, building a positive reputation and encouraging honesty.

The Future of Gaming Development

Multiplayer e-sports are predicted to see tremendous growth and proposed to be a part of the Olympic Games in the future. Matching with this trend, NetworkUnits is fast, reliable and affordable enough for anyone to host their own e-sports tournament on the infrastructure.

For developers, Unity 3D is the most popular gaming engine due to its multiplatform support and massive asset store and community. Taking a plus 46 percent share of the full feature game engine market, it dominates 3D mobile games and covers a variety of games and simulations from 2D to 3D, PC to consoles, mobile to VR, and Holographic to AR.

NetworkUnits offers the NU framework as an asset to the Unity Store for developers to integrate seamlessly. The developer can fully concentrate on building a game or app without worrying about hosting, operations, and scaling.

ICO for Verification Reputation

The NetworkUnits platform provides two ways to mine tokens. One way is to become a Service Provider and earn tokens by sharing unused bandwidth and processing power. Another way is for a user to connect their wallet to the gaming account and become an Active Client to earn tokens as games are played and Service Providers are verified.

The NU Token pre-sale begins on October 23, 2017. Funds raised during this sale will be used for marketing the upcoming main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) event.

The main ICO event begins November 7, 2017. The Token Price is 1 ETH = 500 NU. The minimum transaction amount is 0.01 ETH. Concerning distribution, Smart Contract is used to generate and transfer tokens instantly to the contributor’s wallet upon receiving ETH.

As cryptocurrencies and the gaming industry continue to make progress together, gaming communities will become more secure, reliable, and attract the purchase of additional content by its users.

An infrastructure that is scalable, decentralized, and cost effective is a major breakthrough for the gaming industry, proving again that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have uses that go well beyond basic transactions.

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