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Blockfolio Launches Signal to Connect Crypto Teams Directly with Users

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on May 15, 2018 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Business, News
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The crypto investment tracking company Blockfolio is attempting to dispense with the abundant noise on messaging platforms and streamline valid inputs. After announcing Signal on May 10, 2018, an integrated messaging service dedicated to “pure,” relevant and verified information, the outfit is seeking to tackle the often copious spam and sundry noise encountered in the cryptosphere.

A Broadcasting Service for Projects

Platforms like Telegram, Slack, and other social media portals are often littered with misinformation, confusing both new entrants as well as established enthusiasts. Often a breeding ground for scam offers too, as the top cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with over four millions users globally, Blockfolio is seeking to present a new, clean and more professional platform in Signal to serve communication needs within the cryptosphere better.


(Source: Blockfolio)

Still, in beta phase, the new platform already has a number of projects signed and involved in the rollout. Signal will allow blockchain projects to speak directly to users, eliminating fake news and other irrelevant input, a move that will both professionalize and grow the token community. Spurred in part by the meteoric rise of Bitcoin as well as the overall entrenchment of cryptocurrencies, Signal, is designed to eliminate the problem of misinformation and sheer overload, with subsequent confusion within the cryptosphere.

The Signal hybrid app is Integrated with the Blockfolio app, and available on both the App Store and Google Play. Some twenty reputable projects comprise the first batch of participants, including Dash, 0x, Civic, Icon, Decred, Quantstamp, the Request and Kyber Network, TenX, Zilliqa, aelf, IOSToken, Siacoin, DigixDAO, Zcoin, UTRUST, Enigma, Mithril, Nexus and GameCredits.

As chat rooms and other platforms continue to bandy about misinformation and unverified data, industry players fear that these sources can lead to misfortune.

Signal is a scalable, authentic and transparent means of communication between project teams and the user base. Now registered token teams partaking in the Signal beta phase can broadcast direct updates and other valuable information via the Blockfolio network. With personalized feed and push notifications, users can monitor the coins that constitute their portfolio. Blockfolio CEO Ed Moncada said:

“With Signal, we mainline important team information directly to users. Signals come straight from the token team leadership, free of the noise and toxicity that we so often see in the current communication channels used by the global crypto community. Top token teams have recognized a need for this solution.”

A Platform Welcomed by Developers

The CEO of Kyber Network, Loi Luu, noted that “Blockfolio’s Signal provides an excellent platform for users to keep up-to-date with projects with critical information directly from the project teams.” He accentuated that Kyber Network has already benefited significantly from Signal, as it provides a direct and prompt link to their user base.

The Civic CEO Vinny Lingham confirmed, saying “We’re happy to be part of the first batch of teams using Signal and our community has had a very positive response to the first Civic Signal we sent out. With Signal, the Blockfolio team is delivering on its new mission of tackling the issues around misinformation and communication in crypto. With millions of global users, and CEO Ed Moncada, as a founding board member of top cryptocurrency Dash, providing firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the needs of the token teams, Signal [should become] a key communications channel for token teams.”
Blockfolio has also announced its intention to raise $3 million in capital to develop as demand rises, looking at outfits like Playground Ventures, DCM and L2 Ventures. Their quest exposes them to a diverse array of investors via these VC outfits, as interested parties from South Korea, Japan, and China, Europe and America are all able to contribute. The funds raised will also connect the more than 3,000 token teams that have joined in the Signal project.

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