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Boat Pilot: Driving an advancement in the Private Yacht and Marine Iindustry

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on January 12, 2018 ICO/IEO
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Internet of Things, ridesharing, augmented reality, smart devices for management and navigation are the major upcoming IT trends in the marine and yacht industry. BoatPilot is one of the businesses introducing the market all these services through an all-in-one mobile navigation platform designed for a private yachting with the navigation services available for yachtsmen free of charge.

BoatPilot combines the best from Google Maps, Airbnb, and Tripadvisor with its monetization model based on advertising marketplace sustaining every marine business from SMEs to large ones to access international yachting markets.

BoatPilot: all yachting mobile services in one

BoatPilot includes the interactive electronic pilot and navigator with augmented reality mode, Pocket Skipper application for booking and selling yachts, reserving marinas and searching for fellow passengers, advertising marketplace, and social network for a large community of yachtsmen. All these services were available on smartphones and tablets.

As an accurate navigation tool, Boatpilot enables yachtsmen to browse crucial coastal and marine objects with the help of detailed charts including marine routes, navigation signs, regional regulations, comments, photos, and alike. All the details and the data accuracy are provided with yachtsmen community that generates and adds relevant information to charts and verifies it in a few taps.

The augmented reality feature at BoatPilot helps skippers to watch all the yacht equipment notifications, actual surroundings data, and the navigations hints in poor visibility conditions that usually occur at night or in bad weather.

BoatPilot can also be used as an advertising marketplace with the adverts showing to the yacht passengers even when their devices do not have an Internet connection. A customer can reach the target audience by choosing any additional parameters from the type of yacht and equipment to the number of miles traveled and the current location. The system even knows when an engine needs to change oil and where a crew can find the nearest service for it.

The Yacht Market Problem

Where mobile practice and up-to-date navigation services are booming in a majority of industries, pPrivate yachting is behind the scene. Though, there are mobile navigation tools available for yachtsmen like Navionics, MaxSea, etc., but they are just adapted versions of chartplotters’ hardware navigation programs designed for large commercial carriers. All these applications inherited their outdated and redundant interface, features useless for private and charter yachting and absence of up-to-date data crucial for safe navigation like new marinas, navigation signs, lighthouses, and other uncharted objects that appears every navigation season.

In addition, the navigation software products are incompatible with each other (sometimes due to the market competition reasons). As a result, yachtsmen tie to a specific chartplotter brand and limited by its features only.

The BoatPilot Solution

Contrasting to existing navigation systems, BoatPilot was designed by a team of experienced yachting and IT professionals. It has emerged as the modern mobile navigation tool for the private yachting and marine industry with the most actual data updating in a real-time mode wherein every user can create and add any additional details and photos. Now BoatPilot has the full coverage of the Mediterranean with the most accurate databases: more than 3500 marines against 1800 from the closest competitors. Hundreds of key geotagging in the system are much more accurate than in the systems working for decades.

In July 2017, BoatPilot released the beta version application for Android users. In the next three months, without any significant promotion, more than 35,000 users downloaded it. The tool is envisioned to support the marine navigation and the marine advertising marketplaces as a whole.

“During the record-breaking 2017 season, BoatPilot navigated over 4,700 yachts simultaneously. That’s a vote of confidence worth nearly $1.2 billion, considering the average price of a yacht is $250,000.”

BoatPilot’s crowdsale specification

Token Generation Event (TGE) will commence in two stages – cClosed (Private Placement) and oOpen (main token generation event).

The closed campaign phase calls for funds and large market players. The minimum amount of tokens to buy at this stage is $25,000 (as equivalent in ETH, or BTC, BCH, or LTC). A private placement stage offers the contributors bonuses from 50 percent to 100 percent. The bonus structure based on the amount invested.

Open stage is public and, accessible for any private investors.

Private placement for BoatPilot tokens begins on January 9, 2018. The main token generation event starts on March 1, 2018.

Token Tag: NAVI

Token cost: $0.07

Funds distribution

  • 1.5 percent for BoatPilot marketing, promotion, and bounty program,
  • 12.5 percent for endorsing the early buyers with bonuses,
  • 20 percent tokens are preserving for the team, available only after BoatPilot release on iOS and Android platforms,
  • 1.5 percent for support of the project’s ecosystem to provide an easier opportunity for every BoatPilot user to purchase NAVI tokens through apps or web accounts,
  • 3.5 percent are reserving for advisors,
  • Free float is 61.25 percent.

BoatPilot has already signed agreements with several charter and service international companies. In January 2018, the full list of partners will be available for users

More about Boat Pilot on its official website

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