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BTCManager’s Guide to Blockchain Week 2019

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With Blockchain Week getting started on May 10, 2019, this week, many media people and crypto enthusiasts are scrambling to add the final touches to their time in New York. To help put things in order, BTCManager has combed through several listicles, guides, and Twitter threads to pick out the headliners, hidden gems, and events off the beaten trail.

Although a number of events are already underway, the following guide will begin from May 10, 2019, and wrap up a week later, roughly the time when everyone has had enough sloganism and focaccia sandwiches.

#DeFi for crypto traders: May 10, 2019 (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

This “decentralized finance” event is a great way to begin the festivities as it’s free, brings together a number of great startups in the space, and there are “drinks and finger food” provided throughout the two-hour meet and greet.

And although it’s a trader-facing conversation, companies like MakerDAO, Staked, and UMA Protocol will offer a few opportunities to deviate from this demographic. Ultimately, if not for traders, the conversation will revolve around the emerging hurdles and opportunities for folks working in finance 3.0.

The event is an offshoot of the regular DeFi NYC Meetup that brings together crypto folks from all over NYC and beyond.

BCI Summit: May 10 to May 12, 2019

The second edition of the Bitcoin and Crypto Investment Summit in Manhattan is invite-only, and while slightly contrarian to the open-door policy of crypto, the curation of speakers is nothing to balk at.

Members of the CFTC, MIT, Barclays, European Investment Fund, IBM, and a host of others will come together to discuss the process of evaluating blockchain startups, pain points in institutional banking, and the future of digital identity.

The gathering of heavy-hitter investors will also shed light on how this demographic is approaching the industry. In identifying the direction of technologies like crypto, AI, and quantum computing, larger firms are making better bets on the future of work and finance.

For a full guide to the three-day event, visit their home page here.

Consensus: May 13 to May 15, 2019

For max crypto burnout, CoinDesk’s annual Consensus will likely curb any appetite one might have had for conference fare. The three-day event covers every nook and cranny of the crypto space from investor sentiment, technical deep-dives, and regulatory commentary.

While not for the faint of heart, the convenience of such a mega-conference is having some of the more insightful minds from the industry all in one place.

Naturally, the price of the event is intimidating, but with more than 8,000 attendees and over 250 speakers, the bang for your buck ratio merits most of the cost. After that, learning more about how blue-chip companies like Microsoft, Deloitte, and IBM are entering crypto could end up being valuable. Better yet, U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang will speak with Neeraj Agrawal from CoinCenter at the opening event. Don’t forget the popcorn.

#Cryptospring @ ConsenSys: May 16, 2019 (7pm to 9pm)

This free event invites a bit of rest and relaxation at ConsenSys’ New York headquarters. The contents are short and sweet with a quick overview of Ethereum 2.0 from Pegasys, ConsenSys’ enterprise-grade blockchain outfit, and a rough and tumble guide to blockchain applications.

The event will bring together developers, enthusiasts and focus on the more technical aspects of Ethereum’s Pegasys program. The leading star for the conversation will be based around fast, deployable blockchain solutions for firms large and small.

The Columbia & IBM Blockchain Accelerator Laund Program Demo Day: May 17, 2019 (9am to 12pm)

Columbia and IBM have teamed up to build out a number of different projects leveraging blockchain technology. BitRights, for instance, helps creatives license and monetize their work while YouGene helps curate DNA data on a permissioned blockchain.

Each of the nine teams will present their work at the Columbia Journalism School and unveil a few different ways the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies can go far beyond just value transfer.

ETHNewYork: May 17 to 19, 2019

Ethereum is hosting another hackathon in New York in hopes of collecting even more use cases for the number two public blockchain. Co-creator of the platform, Vitalik Buterin will likely attract most attendees, but speakers from Gitcoin and Zero Knowledge will add to a rigorous day of coding, judging, and generally geeking out around the power of open finance.

Rare Art Festival: May 18, 2019 (9am to 9pm)

The crypto and art space is booming. The main thrust of combining these two sectors has been an attempt to stump rampant fraud in the legacy art markets, put a digital gallery of art in your pocket, and to push the envelope of digital scarcity.

The one-day event builds off of these concepts and put on display one of the few functional use cases for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

In attendance is Rare Art Labs, Snark.Art, KnownOrigin, CryptoKaiju, the Rare Pepe Foundation and many more.


For an even more granular list of all the events and their locations during Blockchain Wek, please reference the events calendar provided by CoinFund here.

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