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Buy For $10 Million

Buy For $10 Million

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on November 18, 2017 Ethereum, News, Tech
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In the world of SEO and Startup visibility, starting a successful business requires precise domain names. And when a company is allied with the cryptocurrency market, one would preferably decide to choose a domain that represents this alliance.

The Pump of Crypto-Domain Names

Nowadays, it is difficult for a new website to set a standard in the crypto market. With so many ICOs continually flooding the market and share prices shooting through the roof just by adding “blockchain” to their header, it is easy to get a bit lost.

Fortunately, the domain,, is now listed for sale. It is available for anyone who wishes to book a high volume domain name revolving around of the leading digital currencies.

You also need roughly $10 million to purchase the title. More importantly is the fact that this price is not so unheard of in this sector.

Following the Larry Fischer’s sale of for $1.2 million, Sharjil Saleem sold for $2million, was also sold for $250,000 in 2014. Other domain names, such as,,, and were also sold for an extremely high prices.

Ron Jackson, head of publishing and editing of Domain Name Journal, told Bloomberg on November 14 that,

“The unfettered euphoria I see around bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain reminds me a lot of the atmosphere I saw in the period preceding the dot-com bust around 2001.”

Parallel Markets: Domain Investing

Internet enthusiasts have been searching for domain names to invest in now that could be sold at a much higher price later one. One of the primary investment themes, particularly for domain names, has been the growing popularity of blockchain themes and cryptocurrencies.

Niko Younts, a long-time domain investor, addresses these growing interests by stating that crypto-related domain names are one of the most significant portfolios at the moment. Younts will personally sell a collection of titles for upwards of $2,000,000.

As people learn more about domain investing, registration applications for the most lucrative names will continue to spring up. Godaddy and Bloomberg both reported that “Domain names containing bitcoin have more than four times as many registrations this year, compared with all of 2016…[and]…Names containing ethereum have more than five times as many registrations.”

While blockchain technologies attempt to disrupt nearly every market under the sun, another supplementary market will also profit. According to Ammar Kubba, another domain name investor, “Nowadays, Crypto is the center and core era for selecting domain.”

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