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Canada’s George Brown College Launches First Blockchain Course in Toronto

Canada’s George Brown College Launches First Blockchain Course in Toronto

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on September 13, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Finance, Investment, News, Tech
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Canada’s first ever blockchain technology-focused course will commence this fall, per a report by Now Toronto, published on September 12, 2018. Toronto’s George Brown College will see its students attend a three-semester Blockchain Development program.

George Brown College Enters into Blockchain Foray

Toronto’s George Brown College has taken a significant step towards strengthening the city’s reputation as a tech hub.

The first of its kind comprehensive certification program was created last summer when Albert Danison, chair of the School of Computer Technology, observed that many corporate giants such as Walmart and FedEx had shown keen interest towards the revolutionizing distributed ledger technology. This prompted Danison to discuss the matter with his contacts in the industry.

He told Now Toronto,

“They were all telling me they lack people. They have a million dollars’ worth of projects still waiting to launch because they don’t have people with the right skills. We should really be in this landscape as a leader, not as a follower.”

The initiative by George Brown College has received significant backing from the blockchain industry. Industry players like ConsenSys and ChainsSafe Systems have provided their inputs in developing the curriculum.

The course is slated to begin this fall and will teach students about dApps creation and design on the blockchain platform. The course is also said to include full stack development.

Course design includes two in-class semesters, while the third semester will have a choice to either opt for co-op or integrated learning – where the students will look to develop blockchain specific projects borrowed from companies.

A Unique Offering

Danison does not hesitate to clarify that while U.S. educational institutes like Stanford and MIT do teach about blockchain, there is a considerable difference in the content of the course being taught at George Brown College.

“They are doing a course here and there, but mostly on cryptocurrencies,” he explains. “[The classes are] mainly offered by an enthusiast professor who loves cryptocurrency.”

Blockchain educational courses have observed a steep rise in demand in recent times.

BTCManager reported on September 10, 2018, about the partnership between Coursera and ConsenSys to launch an online blockchain technology and cryptography course.

While the technology is primed to disrupt some industries, core technical knowledge about the DLT still lacks among the labor force.

Launching more such collaborative blockchain courses will equip the masses with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the next technological revolution.

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