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5 Reasons to Give Bitcoin as a Christmas Present to Your Loved Ones

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bitcoin and Crypto Lovers

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 14, 2017 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Entertainment, Ethereum, News

In the past, bitcoin has always reached high prices around the holiday season. This has led to an increase in purchasing power, allowing users to purchase gifts with less bitcoin of the cryptocurrency. Below are a couple of ideas with what to spend some of the gains many users are enjoying from cryptocurrencies very bullish trend as of late.  

Spendabit: Search Engine For All Things Bitcoin

While conversion of existing merchants to start accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could still be improved, the amount of retail fronts online launching that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, sometimes almost exclusively, is a lot more then you may think.

Spendabit is a search engine that allows bitcoin retailers to list their offerings in their directory, and be part of a listing of bitcoin-enabled stores and businesses. Everything from headphones to drones and even more obscure things such as sports cards or gourmet chocolate are available through Spendabit.

Spendabit currently lets consumers search across more than three million products, and even offers a merchant suite that allows merchants the ability to capture and retain more customers, therefore directing more clicks, conversions, and traffic to their front.

The White Company: Buy that Lamborghini You’ve Always Wanted

Want to actually buy that Lamborghini you’ve been posting about in r/Bitcoin or Bitcointalk threads? How about a Rolex? Or maybe you want to realize some of your gains with some cold hard cash, $100,000 via a deposit straight to your bank account to be exact?

The White Company specializes in allowing cryptocurrency users to exchange their BTC, LTC, or ETH for the finer things in life. Touted as a store for the “Purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency” users can purchase things like a Huracan LP-610-4, Rolex GMT-Master II, or 10 ounces of Gold with the items in their inventory and ready to be shipped immediately. If you’re looking for something else, contact them directly, and The White Company will source it for you.

Bitcoin Apparel And More: For that Crypto Fanatic In Your Life

Everyone loves to wear what they’re passionate about. Whether it’s a band, an event, or in this case a cryptocurrency, stores and products have sprung up online to offer crypto-themed apparel. Plus, it is definitely more sensible than a Lamborghini, for those that want to keep HODLing.

HODLMoon is an excellent example of a store, specializing in fully knit, high-quality ‘ugly crypto’ sweaters! Cryptocurrency is accepted for payment, through their Shapeshift payment integration, allowing users to pay with a variety of altcoins seamlessly. HODLMoon currently has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, NEO, and Polymath Sweaters, with anyone being able to suggest a design or submit their own design. Two to seven-day shipping is free for the United States only, with other shipping speeds and international shipping prices listed here.

RedBubble, known for their wide variety of stickers and other apparel, now has a massively growing cryptocurrency section, which can be viewed here. All Things Decentral is another cryptocurrency themed store that sells much more then apparel and stickers and sells hats, crypto art, as well as “blockchain hardware” including Ledger and Trezor wallets, as well as physical wallets and mining rigs.

Time also has an excellent article, listing another 11 places to buy things from soap to flasks, to dog bandanas, for an especially unique gift for someone.

Whatever you end up purchasing, just remember that you’re supporting an ever-growing list of merchants behind the cryptocurrency revolution, and with bitcoin slowly entering into the mainstream, will help pave the way forward for more individuals to purchase and participate in the ecosystem easily.

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