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Civil Media Partners with ZigZag to Explore Blockchain Technology and Motherhood

Civil Media Partners with ZigZag to Explore Blockchain Technology and Motherhood

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on September 19, 2018 Blockchain, Business, Commentary, News, Platform, Tech
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Manoush Zomorodi, a former host to the WNYC technology podcast “Note To Self” and Jen Poyant, the executive producer of the WNYC show, have recently teamed up to create a podcast called ZigZag. According to an article published by The New York Times on September 18, 2018, the purpose of ZigZag is to spread the word about blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, and life as a working mother.

Two Women, Two Moms, and Blockchain Technology

Zomorodi, 45, and Poyant, 39, both explain their journey via the ZigZag podcast as they explain blockchain technology and its ramifications for the journalism industry. The two women have recently finished their 12-episode first season last month. They are looking to get started on their second season in October 2018.

Zomorodi mentioned that as a technology journalist, she would “roll [her] eyes” when the term blockchain came about. But it was through her frustration that she found an opportunity for two women and two moms to explore the innovation with an eager audience.

The women decided to call the podcast ZigZag because it represented the chaos in their lives from discussing blockchain to jumping head first into entrepreneurship while juggling their roles and responsibilities as mothers. “We zigzag around, but all these issues are intertwined,” said Poyant.

“If you are patient enough to stick with us through the narrative of the first season, you will start to realize how intertwined they are.”

Poyant is currently a single mother with a seven-year-old son, while Zomorodi is married to Josh Robin, a political reporter for NY1, and have two children of 11 and eight years of age.

The podcast often features the women recording segments on the go. Zomorodi shared that there’s been an instance where she would record herself with a blanket over her head as her children were on a trampoline. “It’s a juggle, and it’s exhausting,” said Zomorodi.

ZigZag has also partnered up with Civil, the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism. Civil provided Zomorodi and Poynant grant money in the form of dollars and the startup’s CVL cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens went on sale on September 18. Civil’s grant to the Zig Zag podcast is a part of the New York-based startup’s goal of kick-starting 100 journalism outlets by the end of 2018.

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