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CoinCap Delivers Real-time Data with New Mobile App

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 26, 2016 Business, News, Tech
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Navigating the vast sea of digital currencies is becoming a daunting proposition. As a result, growing numbers of crypto enthusiasts are seeking tools to identify how these currencies are interconnected as well as the easiest means of conversion.

There is also the inevitable task of comparing asset volume and value on this broad currency spectrum. This in and of itself can seem overwhelming and massive in scope.

Erik Voorhees, one of the early champions of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency movement, has long recognized this prevailing concern.  As CEO of the digital currency exchange, he molded a sleek online platform where consumers can initiate digital currency conversions, all in a matter of seconds. Now Voorhees and his team have developed a new tool called CoinCap for iPhone that promises to deliver just-in-time information to stakeholders seeking to become even larger participants in the growing crypto market.

This new mobile application is an extension of the CoinCap online portal, the only site that tracks market data for bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in real time. Released today, users of the new mobile app can access up to date market data, curate and update their portfolios and set daily, weekly, or monthly notifications for selected altcoins, among other features. The app offers a sleek interface for users seeking to keep tabs on their data, 24/7, anywhere across the world in the palm of their hand. Here users will see a ranking of all cryptocurrencies by market cap or trade volume and can view specifics of each niche coin.

Perhaps it’s greatest value proposition is that it allows users to purchase or sell coins through with native app connectivity. And these users can opt for extra security by way of a pin code or touch ID entry.

Says Voorhees: “As the universe of blockchain-based assets grows, it’s fascinating to watch the rise and fall of this new asset class. CoinCap makes it easy to observe and track blockchain assets and cryptocurrencies.”

The is available to iPhone/iOS device users for free on iTunes at the app store and will soon be available for Android devices.

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