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Press Release

Coinomize Keeps your Bitcoin Transactions Private

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 10, 2021 Press Releases
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Bitcoin – the innovation of the last decade. A little shy at the beginning, but growing stronger by the year. And now we’re talking about a cryptocurrency that hit $1.7 trillion in market cap. 

It started as a financial rebellion that did not get much attention from governments. However, now that people became tired of the traditional economic system’s inconsistency, things have changed.  

Because more people became aware of blockchain technology’s power and joined the movement, Bitcoin finally caught the institutions’ attention and is ready to overcome fiat.

Now, if you ask crypto enthusiasts why they prefer to use Bitcoin instead of fiat, they will tell you about how blockchain technology gets rid of third parties and how it offers you autonomy, which is true. 

But some of them will tell you that Bitcoin also offers complete anonymity, which was later proved to be false. While it is way harder to track somebody who uses cryptocurrencies (because all the data are encrypted), it is not impossible. 

Every transaction is recorded in a public ledger, so at the end, after a long journey, everybody can find its origin. 

So how can you protect your privacy?

Using one of the latest algorithms developed for cryptocurrencies – Coinomize, also known as a Bitcoin mixer. This algorithm basically blends your Bitcoins transactions with others in a pool and makes them undetectable.  

And the process is relatively easy. You just need to join the platform and put your coin in the pool. The algorithm will mix them with other coins, and in the end, you’ll receive new clean Bitcoin, equivalent to your old ones. 

The longer the Bitcoins are mixed for, the harder they are to be traced. 

What are the advantages?

Coinomize prioritizes the privacy of users, actively getting involved in expanding the usability of cryptocurrencies. 

Therefore, the development team didn’t stop just on the mixing algorithm but also programmed the platform to delete all user-related data 72 hours after the transaction – security at its finest. 

Plus, they made the algorithm accessible to everyone. Depending on the combination between the mixing strength and transfer time you choose, the service will charge you a 1-5% fee of your deposit. 

The miner fee is also only 0.0003 BTC. A small price if you think about how it completes the purpose of the blockchain technology. 

Where can I find more about this Bitcoin mixer?

First of all, the website is really friendly, especially with new users. For example, you can find a video guide about the platform from the very first page. It also has a FAQ section and even a blog with educational articles in the domain. 

If you have some more specific questions about the platform, don’t be afraid to contact the team directly on Telegram. Or visit their YouTube page if you prefer video content.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your game and protect your Bitcoin transactions!

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