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Coinovy forms Strategic Partnership with Luna PR

Press Release

Coinovy forms Strategic Partnership with Luna PR

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on September 1, 2021 Press Releases
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1st of September 2021. Coinovy, a digital finance app with digital assets which combine wallets to send, receive, exchange, earn and borrow, forms a strategic partnership with award winning marketing agency, Luna PR. 

Coinovy offers a global debit card for ease of transactions and liquidity, as well as ensuring the highest degree of security through its partnership with BitGo and its Token to Crypto feature, which helps small businesses. The four pillars of strength are technology, exchangeability, wallet solutions, and, last but not least, crypto to fiat.

Luna PR is a full-service digital marketing agency which works with ambitious businesses across five continents. Storytelling, virtual design, and technology are all things that Luna is enthusiastic about. Luna works with businesses, big and small, all around the world to help them connect with their customers and raise brand awareness.

With this strategic partnership, Coinovy aims to improve their marketing, increase awareness of the company, and grow the community. Coinovy is necessary to the blockchain ecosystem, and is aiming to reach out to the whole industry,  in order for audiences to educate themselves more about Coinovy, and with this reason, having a strategic partnership with a renowned marketing agency is essential for expansion and reach. 

Founder and CEO of Luna PR Nikita Sachdev stated that:

“We are excited to be taking on a project with an everyday use-case. Coinovy and Luna share the same vision of rapid crypto mass adoption. We will be working closely with the Coinovy team to improve the marketing efforts to reach out to the entire ecosystem”. 

This partnership will be a step towards expanding the community by providing informative content and making it easy for people to comprehend the mechanics. The goal is to form new and beneficial collaborations, develop new content strategies, improve and improve their SEO, work on public relations, collaborate with social media influencers, and much more.

About Coinovy 

Coinovy, a digital financial platform, is an all-in-one wallet system which holds distinctive features such as: allowing users to receive and transfer, swap and earn, or even borrow digital currencies from several different wallets. The four pillars of strength are built within the technology, exchangeability, wallet solution and finally crypto to fiat. Not only that, but Coinovy provides users a debit card which is powered by Visa, which further enhances the users experience. To learn more about Coinovy, visit

About Luna PR

Luna PR is an award-winning Dubai-based public relations, marketing, and business development consultancy agency, offering services to digital asset initiatives and cutting-edge technologies in emerging markets. With a customized model focused on creating better business relationships between tech companies and brands, Luna PR has become the go-to agency for leading digital asset brands. To learn more about Luna, visit  

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