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Coinsecure Adds Personal Touch to Wallets with Netki’s Name Service

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 9, 2016 Business, News, Tech
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Coinsecure has added another user-friendly feature to its popular wallet: Netki’s Wallet Name Service. Now customers can create personalized wallet names to use instead of a 32-character public wallet address.

Twenty years ago, Netki‘s founder, Justin Newton, was among the early Internet pioneers who contributed to its infrastructure and helped to drive its mainstream adoption. A revolutionary development for the Internet was the implementation of the Domain Name System (DNS). Websites became accessible through easy-to-remember domain name addresses rather than numeric IP addresses. Netki’s Wallet Name Service removes the same point of friction for bitcoin addresses, converting a complicated 32-character public wallet address to something that looks more memorable, like

Raising awareness of bitcoin and promoting its adoption in India’s rapidly expanding ecosystem is a key part of Coinsecure’s mandate. Bitcoin serves as a solution to numerous payment pain points in India, as many individuals struggle to obtain credit and debit cards, and are frequently barred from making international payments.

“Bitcoin startups are increasing across India,” Coinsecure co-founder Benson Samuel told BTCMANAGER in an earlier interview. “Coupled with a startup friendly ecosystem in place, we do see a dramatic increase in volumes and participation in the Bitcoin space across India. Awareness has drastically increased across India as well. Almost every event that we get to address, has a huge number of hands that go up when we inquire about Bitcoin awareness to the audiences.”

Integrating a feature like Netki’s Wallet Name Service, which allows users to create a single wallet “name” for all their digital currency wallet addresses, makes adoption easier, thereby aligning closely with the company’s philosophy.

“Netki provides uniqueness and exclusivity along with simplicity for digital currency owners,” said Coinsecure’s co-founder and CEO Mohit Kalra in a statement. “Various wallet providers have attempted to tackle the concept of sharing wallet addresses before, but haven’t come up with a system as solid as Netki’s. We look forward to our users benefiting from Netki’s unique concept where each user can seamlessly send funds to a domain and store their friends’, family’s and work colleague’s wallet names under their contact details as a url.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Coinsecure on their mission to drive adoption of digital currency in India by helping them make the process of transacting with bitcoin easier for their customers,” said Newton of the new partnership, which will help to extend his company’s global reach.

Besides offering Indians wallet services, Coinsecure is India’s first company to create an INR-based blockchain explorer, and to have fully transparent order books since the genesis trade, and a public API. In less than two years since its inception on July 24, 2015, Coinsecure has created a strong foothold in India with the highest liquidity and volumes in that country.

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