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ConsenSys Is Bringing Together Blockchain Enthusiasts from over 50 Countries

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 16, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Development, Ethereum, News, Tech
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ConsenSys has been building a global network of technology experts and entrepreneurs who are developing products for a decentralized world. The Brooklyn based blockchain software company was founded by Joseph Lubin in October 2014 and has since expanded its operations to several other countries with offices in London, Dublin, and Paris.

ConsenSys in Paris

Launched in October 2017, the team at ConsenSys Paris has been making great progress in the blockchain ecosystem. It has been actively working with a number of projects such as VariabL, PegaSys, and the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

ConsenSys offices in London and Dublin are also helping fulfill the vision of supporting the growth of Ethereum and blockchain technologies on the continent. With a rising interest in cryptocurrencies and the technology, more developers and engineers are using blockchain to create decentralized applications. National governments are also recognizing its potential and drawing plans to use it.

Kem Timsit, Managing Director of ConsenSys France, said, “ConsenSys is a flat, global, decentralized mesh of more than 900 technologists and entrepreneurs of more than 50 nationalities in 30 countries, where every voice counts. The members of ConsenSys France are viscerally committed to supporting the French ecosystem in words and in action, while maintaining open and collaborative relationships with the rest of the world.”

Projects of ConsenSys Paris

The first decentralized application at ConsenSys Paris is VariabL. The company aims to offer a secure and efficient derivatives trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The team is working to release a version 2.0 of the VariabL derivative trading platform. Most existing cryptocurrency trading platforms are centralized and have yet to offer derivative trading.

PegaSys is the protocol engineering wing of ConsenSys with its team members spread all across the world. It is creating enterprise-grade products for commercial use and is developing scalable solutions to both private and public blockchains.

ConsenSys Paris is also working with ETHCompute which facilitates R&D projects in the industry by providing a platform and library for developers to use cryptographic tools.

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

However, the most significant initiative at ConsenSys Paris is the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum. Launched by the EU in February 2018, the project aims to undertake a detailed study of blockchain technology. Ludovic Courcelas, who heads this initiative, said:

“What we are doing with the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is building a repository of knowledge that can help accelerate blockchain innovation and ecosystem development in Europe.”

He also added, “We produce thematic reports, research papers with the universities and foster the debate at the EU level during workshops and events which are recorded and made publicly available bringing together Europe’s best experts to analyze and produce thought leadership both on the policy framework and the use cases and transition scenarios.”

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