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CryptoCountries: a platform to buy virtual countries on Ethereum’s blockchain

CryptoCountries: a Platform to buy Virtual Countries on Ethereum’s Blockchain

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 9, 2018 Entertainment, Ethereum, News
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After CryptoKitties and CryptoCelebrities, a new game CryptoCountries built on the same blockchain technology is taking over the world. It allows you “own” an entire country purchased entirely using virtual currencies. After all, who wouldn’t want to own all of the United States of America, China, Russia or another country in the world? CryptoCountries is thus marketed as the game for those looking to rule the world metaphorically.

CryptoCountries is a game wherein players collect collectibles and also buy and sell countries through smart contracts built using Ethereum’s blockchain. It lets anyone buy countries in real time, the price of which depends on how many buyers want to bid for the same nation. The price doubles as soon as it is bought. Once a new buyer proceeds to buy it in the future, the excess money is transferred back to the account of the seller.

CryptoCountries is a game about conquering the world on the blockchain and earning Ethereum while doing so. Each country is linked to a single smart contract token on the game’s blockchain. As per the official website, you can send ether to Metamask or Mist to build a ‘conquer a country smart contract.’

The country’s territory on the interactive map is colored by the HEX color of the last six characters of the digital wallet of the current holder. In CryptoCountries, you can conquer or buy any country that is available on the map. The countries can be seen on the Ethereum blockchain and hence, can only be purchased using the cryptocurrency. You are only allowed to hold your territory until someone else pays double the price that you bought it for though.

The new price paid for the country, including the profit, is transferred back to the original owner of the nation. The platform boasts user-friendly commission rates as it claims an interest in keeping the players and game at the center of its philosophy.

There has been a sudden and dramatic rise in blockchain-based collectors games as early adopters who had collected them are now trading them for a higher market price to prospective buyers. Within three days, a total of more than 1,500 transactions from different users have been recorded on the platform.

The developers of the game are planning to bring a new version to the game where users can battle and fight wars to “win” rights for a particular country. The player owning the most states is also rewarded with the control of the newer countries. Some territories cost more than others, which has more to do with the interest among players. South Korea, at 5 ETH ($4,375 at the time of writing), is currently the most expensive country, followed closely by Jamaica and Brazil.

A cryptocurrency wave has clearly swept the masses who are eager and curious to become a part of this new transformation. The game is becoming hugely popular among those that have an interest in economics and empires. After all, the game is somewhat similar to Monopoly, except with blockchain and cryptocurrency integrations.

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