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Crystal Token: Introducing the Next Generation Smart Investment Platform

Crystal Token: Introducing the Next Generation Smart Investment Platform

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on May 13, 2018 ICO/IEO
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Crystal Token is a new cryptocurrency project that is committed to deliver an innovative platform for smart investments, Virtual Staking, Automated trading with A.I. support and several other investment plans designed an ongoing passive income to satisfy the investment needs of amateur, professional and institutional investors alike.

The Problem

According to Crystal Token whitepaper, existing platforms which propose investment plants for passive income are affected by several limitations, such as risky business models which affect the long-term sustainability and the fairness for the community.  

Other important issues include:

  • Vertical management, which results in decisions taken abruptly by the team, without the approval of the community;
  • Lack of constant customer rewards, which leads people to move their capitals in search of new projects;
  • Limited ability to spend the token, which functionality and usefulness is strongly dependent by the platform.

The solution presented by the Crystal Token team to face up to these limitations, is the introduction of several business models that are able to generate stable and solid revenue, which is to be re-invested to ensure the platform’s functionalities. Kind of like a symbiotic process in which the platform’s functionalities are fully dependent from.

Moreover, the team implemented convenient packages which include incremental rewards to the customers, and innovative features such as pure reinvest and our Virtual Staking program.

What is Crystal Token Trying to Provide?

Crystal Token is set to develop the next generation of investment platform that delivers a new batch of investment services bound to provide a constant income. The team looks to deliver this promise by using a system that relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques which ensure a profitable income is always achieved.

The team is also projecting the constant burn of tokens which will increase the value of the token, due to its induced scarcity. All the revenues generated from the services offered by the platform will be reinvested in initiatives aimed to increase the value of the token.

The team behind Crystal Token is also trying to introduce a community-driven platform. This means that the team wants to allow everyone to contribute to the development of the platform by providing insights, suggestions or even by helping the coding team.

The final goal is to deliver a fully decentralized community driven platform by allowing the community to make decisions by using a voting system.

Current and Upcoming Services

  • Virtual Staking: Crystal Token proposes an innovative concept of Virtual Staking, with a virtual meta-currency (VCYL) tied to ETH. According to the Crystal Token official webpage, this program rewards customers in VCYL, a virtual currency tied to the value of ETH (1 VCYL = 0.001 ETH). All the interests in VCYL can then be converted into CYL and exchanged for ETH through our Crystal Exchange or can be directly converted into ETH at the rate 1 VCYL = 0.0005 ETH.
  • Trading as a Service: an automated trading as a service feature will allow investors to perform multi-currency trading exploiting an AI-driven trading bot. The team is developing a real AI-driven trading bot which will be offered as a service as well.
  • Different Investment plans: Users will be able to select between several types of investments that will get them constant returns. These will be contracts with different levels of investment and may or may not use the above services.

In addition to these core features, the scope of the project extends towards additional services such as advertising campaigns, pooling, gaming and betting and marketplaces. These aspects, in combination with a constant research in developing new features, put Crystal Token in a privileged position as multi-purpose utility token.

Crystal Token ICO

Crystal Token is running an ICO which is already on its second phase. The ICO will help the team gather the needed resources to fully develop the platform.

ICO details:

The ICO is structured in three stages and a final sale. Each stage is divided in batches, with an incremental price.

  • 1st Phase: Stage one will have a 750,000 token allocation and will be divided in five batches, in which the price will be increased from an initial rate of 1 CYL = 0.001 ETH to 1 CYL = 0.0014 ETH.
  • 2nd Phase: 1.5 million tokens
  • 3rd Phase: 2 million tokens
  • Final Phase: 2 million tokens

Each batch is sold in multiple daily rounds, with a random number of CYL tokens.

Deposits are processed as a first-come/first-served process. If tokens are sold out for the daily round, the deposited ETH/BTC will be queued and converted into CYL tokens during the following days. Every day, all unsold tokens will be burned.

An interesting feature is Crystal Reward. At the end each day, Crystal Token proportionally distributes ten percent of the received ETH in that day to people holding at least 1,000 CYL tokens (not staked) in the dashboard. The distribution is made in terms VCYL tokens.

To get more information and to participate on the Crystal Token ICO please visit the project’s official webpage.


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