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Curing the Real Estate Website Headache

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on May 14, 2018 Altcoins, Business, News, Tech

All real estate websites are not created equal. With 43 percent of homebuyers starting their home search online and 92 percent of them using the internet is some way, agents must find a way to compete on a high level.

Real estate agents aren’t typically technology people, and their lack of website development knowledge can often be detrimental to their success.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is equally important. An agent may have the most impressive website out there, but if there is minimal traffic being driven to the site it really doesn’t matter. It’s like having an amazing sports car that stays parked in the garage. Agents also need to consider the challenge of competing with national websites that spend millions on online marketing.

A lot of these agents that can’t compete are simply lacking resources. This includes an adequate budget, or the knowledge of where to turn to get the best advice and technology.

National brokerages have one main goal in mind to brand their company name.  A lot of realtors that do lack resources feel almost forced to work under a national company to compete in the website and SEO race.

There are pros and cons to being independent or working with a national company.  There may be literally hundreds of agents representing that same company which makes it difficult for the agent to establish their own brand and identity.

The question is if the benefits of working with a national company outweigh the franchise fees that can range from six to ten percent. There is no getting away from that expense and as the agency grows that percentage continues to eat away at profits. Imagine having more technology at the local brokerage level, without spending the 100k per site to build a technology-based solution from the ground up. The national sites come with franchise fees, but the decadent nature of mega-brokerages keeps them from advancing on the cutting edge of individual market web presence.

The ultimate solution for an agent would be to keep their independence while still having the technology support and lead generation. Deedcoin and Boon Tech are incorporating high tech platforms backing local websites to decentralize the entire industry. The Boon platform provides access to the developers needed to bring the online real estate presence to the 21st century.

Deedcoin will provide a website with advanced platform capabilities for their brokers that allow for the application of advanced technology to help generate customers. Boon Tech will provide the developments through full stack, data gathering, AI programming, webmasters, and integrations with to customize the website tools for each agent to fulfill their needs. Deedcoin will pay up to half of the cost to implement those developers based on the Deedcoin redeemed from customers in their area.

The website, again, is the sports car, but Deedcoin and Boon Tech get it out on the open road with the constant upgrades required to win the race individually in 600 markets.

One of the most important roles in a real estate relationship is the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Performing a CMA provides the information needed on other homes selling in the area to determine an asking price. Using developers from the Boon platform to program data gathering tools and algorithms will find relevant properties at a faster, more accurate rate to allow agents to make more specific recommendations to customers. The webmaster services provided through Boon Tech will also incorporate AI. It will collect local event info, syndicate real estate news and post content to maximize SEO capability.

There is also a feature that allows the agent to email local leads that are generated through the content campaigns and localize customer tools. It enables the agent to improve response time to clients and utilizes chat bots. The AI has schedule management capability for the agent. There is a feature that eliminates language barriers with AI technology that allows live translations in real time. 

For advanced clients that the agent services, the technology identifies articles that target investment opportunities and has a feed of new listings based on the client’s specs for buying.

Real Estate is a very competitive industry. Agents across the country are continually trying to gain any advantage they can to be successful. The Boon Tech and Deedcoin partnership allows agents to compete will any sized brokerage while providing the best service that modern online technology technology can provide.


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