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Dan Bilzerian Says He Has Been Making “A Killing Off” His Early Bitcoin Investment

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on November 29, 2017 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Finance, News

Dan Bilzerian is well-known on social media for being a gun-lover, adrenaline junkie that usually shows off his wealth while being surrounded by bikini-clad women.

Poker Player Reveals Hand on Twitter

He has earned millions off playing poker, as well as making substantial bankroll on other investments. One of those smart investments that he has made is in bitcoin.

Bilzerian posted on social media telling his 23 million followers about how much of a ‘killing’ he is making after he bought a ‘sh*tload’ of the cryptocurrency when it was priced at just $2,300.

Currently, bitcoin has been trending over $9,000 recently, and it has seen more than a 700 percent increase since the start of 2017 with no end in sight with record highs continually being made.

It was just over five months ago that he made this investment and the poker star turned crypto-investor has seen the price significantly in that period. He has also gotten involved with bitcoin cash, and it is safe to say he is sitting pretty with the price for bitcoin cash currently around the $1,500 mark. This is, of course, making the assumption that Bilzerian has not sold this holding since he first invested.

Bitcoin Volatility

It was back in April when Bilzerian commented about how much of a thrill he got out of investing in bitcoin when he told his followers about how he sweats watching the prices rise the same way he sweats after he has made an enormous bet on the Super Bowl for example.

It was only this week how the thrill-seeker mentioned how much his crypto investments are ‘killing it’ which makes it clear that he has invested in other currencies beyond bitcoin and bitcoin cash. He later divulged the make-up of his cyrpto portfolio on Twitter:

While he may just be referring to the coins, after seeing how much success he has had investing in these cryptocurrencies, it only makes sense that he would get involved with other opportunities also, such as ethereum.

It is obvious that Bilzerian withheld selling his crypto investment when prices widely fluctuated during the year, a period when a lot of more fundamental investors would have sold their holdings as many didn’t think that crypto would bypass the markets of the likes of fiat currencies and gold.

High Earnings for Novices and Experts Alike

Bilzerian is one of many high-rollers who has invested in cryptocurrencies and seen some significant successes. In recent months, there has been an influx of billionaire investors, such as the legend of hedge funds, Mike Novogratz.

There are even some investors out there who are making forecasts that bitcoin could see its price bypass the $500,000 mark in the long run if it continues competing in a similar fashion against the more traditional financial systems.

Some interesting points have also been made lately about some key figures in the world of finance pointing out that people should be more concerned with how rapidly the fiat currency system is declining, as opposed to marveling at the constant rise of bitcoin prices.

It has been seen many times throughout history that fiat currencies can fall to zero. What happens then?

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