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Danish Man Auctions his Properties to Invest in Bitcoin and Travel the Globe

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on April 26, 2018 Bitcoin, Commentary, Finance, News
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While some in the corporate world believe bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are huge bubbles invested in by stupid people, Danish citizen Jonas Hornehaj sees the cryptospace from an entirely different perspective. He’s sold off all his belongings, funded by his proceeds from bitcoin and is now on an adventurous world tour with his girlfriend.

Crypto Fever

24-four-old Jonas Hornehaj is traveling around the world with his lover on a monthly budget of $2,800. So far, the young man has visited quite many exotic locations and hasn’t failed to document them on social media, as the Metro reports.

The Copenhagen native left home with about $2,000 but invested $1,000 in bitcoin. The investment has turned out to be a wise move as he has used the profits to fund travel expenses for himself and his 25-year old girlfriend, Alicia Cechvalova, with a budget of between $2,000-$2,800 per month.

“I sold all belongings I could – couch, bed, cupboards, TV, shoes (I love sneakers). Playstation – anything I could sell online, I did,” he declared.

Of a truth, having a steady job that requires one to resume early in the morning and close late in the evening brings with it a steady income, but many at times it leads to a dull and lackluster life. This bitcoiner is not one to live that way.

“I wanted to get rid of the thought of that life will be a 9-5 I knew years ago that that wasn’t the life for me. With that in mind, this seemed like the best possible time for me to set off. I still have student debts, I still have debt in my bank, but I wasn’t concerned about any of that, because I believe in myself.”

Digital Assets Not for Everyone

Jonas may be benefitting immensely from the liquidity and volatility of bitcoin at the moment, but the fact remains that cryptocurrency is not for all.

Back in February, a 20-year old Korean student, Kang Dong-Pyo committed suicide after losing over 200 million Korean Won ($186,000) when the entire cryptocurrency market experienced a massive bloodbath due to the regulatory crackdown on initial coin offerings and digital currencies.

Unlike Kang Dong-Pyo, Jonas fully understands the nature of the markets and has made up his mind to hodl on, come rain or shine.

“I didn’t have much money saved up at all, however, some of the money that I did save up in summer went into cryptocurrency,” he said adding that:

“Now that is not something I promote as a way of making money simply because it’s so easy to either shoot it down as a Ponzi scheme or as a bubble or a wild gamble, however, with research, I found out a lot about the technology, the crypto space as a whole, and the implications it can have positively on the world.”

To the Moon?

Even with the super volatile nature of bitcoin and the altcoins, the nascent digital assets have made many multi-millionaires in recent times.

In December 2017, BTCManager published a story about a Cleveland high school student named Eddy Zillan, whose investment of $12,000 in Ethereum‘s ether years ago had yielded a return of over $500,000.

At current, Jonas is in Hanoi, Vietnam and has no plans to settle permanently anywhere anytime soon. “I would like to see more of Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Japan, Nepal, Korea, China; the list for Asia is endless,” he said.

It remains to be seen whether Jonas will become another big crypto whale in the near future, but for now, all he’s interested in is to be free and keep traveling around the world in the true spirit of bitcoin.

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