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Dapp Platform Crypti Launches Intro Video for Developers Ahead of Beta Release

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on September 30, 2015 News, Tech
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Crypti is less coin and more platform: similar in goals to what Ethereum is trying to accomplish. Crypti makes the transition from developing “regular” applications to more crypto-oriented projects a breeze due to its use of a language familiar to many developers: Node.js. In fact, Crypti is one of the few Dapp platforms completely written in Node.js, letting developers get to work without any additional training.

Combined with the features Crypti offers like custom blockchains, smart contracts, cloud storage, and computing nodes, Crypti makes it easy for developers to develop, deploy and monetize their applications.

According to the Crypti Whitepaper v2.1, “Crypti is written in Node.js 1 on the backend, and HTML5 and CSS3 on the frontend. It works asynchronously and allows for fast processing of all functions such as network transactions. The database uses Sqlite3 to allow the use and running of complex queries”

Crypti’s goal, according to their whitepaper, is to “create an entire plug-and-play system that would allow developers to do everything from design, development, publication, and monetization, all from within one platform.”

For developers, there are the Crypti APIs to utilize within apps. When deploying code, developers have a multitude of options ranging from the trusty GitHub to cryptocurrency services like Sia or Storj. Lastly, developers can utilize master nodes distributed globally to execute code in a decentralized fashion.

Users need not worry about running sketchy code, as all developer-submitted code is essentially insulated from the network, as it runs through a sandbox mechanism conducted by the implementation of a virtual machine.

“The Dapp runs in the Crypti VM, which removes many possible attack vectors and thus makes it much safer for the end user to start Dapps on their local machines. The Crypt API is accessible by the Dapp.”

Crypti also has recently launched a video on their YouTube channel describing their Dapp platform, which is currently in an alpha state.

Developing a revolutionary decentralized applications (dapps) platform takes time,” Max, Crypti’s community manager, told BTC Manager. “To give our community more insight into ongoing developments we release preview videos from time to time. In this video we showcase the dapp features which will be included into our next release Crypti v0.5.0. We take a look at the process of registering, uploading and installing a dapp to the Crypti dapp store. At the end you also see how easy it is to launch the Dapp with a few clicks.

Max also told BTC Manager that the open beta of Crypti v0.5.0 is soon to come; they are currently in the process of fixing the last of UI bugs. Crypti is projected to launch the open beta sometime in the near future, with full release occurring later in October 2015.

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